The project was born after the conference VIVA08‚ the first euro-regional meeting between performing arts professionals which took place in Genova (I) on December 2008. Several collaborations arose from that occasion‚ in order to make the young choreographers’ mobility and productions of contemporary urban dance become easier‚ and also to create a network between the cities of the project’s partners for the performance’s distribution.

Especially‚ Marché commun wants to bring the dance outside the theatres‚ next to the people who live the cities and so to an audience that is heterogeneous and always different‚ an audience that is composed by the people who daily live the squares in which the performances take place.

The project’s partners are from France and from Italy: Choreographic Centre Maguy Marin‚ Festival Les Hivernales (Avignon)‚ Les Ateliers Frappaz/Festival des Invites (Villeurbanne)‚ Lieux publics (Marseille)‚ Artù (Genova) for Liguria region and Mosaico Danza and TPE (Torino) for Piedmont region.

Marché Commun - MERCATI COMUNI 2011/12

2011/2012 :: Zerogrammi with Fare Albero.

Marché Commun / MERCATI COMUNI 2010/11
25 SEPTEMBER 2011 | Venaria Reale - Turin

2010/2011 :: Daniele Ninarello with God Bless You.

30 October 2010
    Genova (I)
25 September 2011
    Venaria Reale‚ Torino (I)
8 October 2011
    Martigues‚ Marseille (F)
9 October 2011
    Fontaine des Danaïdes‚ Marseille (F)

Marché Commun / MERCATI COMUNI 2009/10
10 OCTOBER 2009 | mercatino vintage Extravaganza - piazza Carlo Alberto - Turin

2009/2010 :: Sara Marasso with Volte Sempre.

3 e 4 October 2009
    Marseille (F)
10 October 2009
    Torino‚ P.zza Carlo Alberto (I)
23 October 2009
    Genova (I)
18 June 2010
    Rillieux La Pape (F)
19 June 2010
    Villeurbanne (F)