It organized the CONTRAPPUNTI festivals from 1994 to 2001 and the festival Interplay was created in 2001. Thus‚ the Association has been a showcase for young emergent choreographers and an important circuit that has hosted many of the most renown choreographers of the national and international original dance‚ for example:MK (ITA)‚ Kinkaleri (ITA)‚ Sosta Palmizi (ITA)‚ Nigel Charnook (FINLAND)‚ Roberto Castello (ITA)‚ Storm (GERMANY)‚ Abbondanza−Bertoni (ITA)‚ Tal Dance Company (TURKEY) and Godder (ISRAEL). Witness to the fact of the Association’s openness towards the international scene are the five international presences in the seventh and latest edition of the INTERPLAY Festival.
Our activity includes many important collaborations with situations that are as attentive as we are in supporting the new independent dance and avant−garde theatre‚ collaborating in our city with the festival Torino Contemporanea – curated by the Area of Theatre and the Performing Arts – and curating dance events for the series VIDEO/IT – curated by the Association ArteGiovane‚ but above all‚ it has activated significant collaborations with situations outside the local territory‚ both in Italy and abroad.

Mosaico Cultural Association‚ with its INTERPLAY festival‚ is the only Italian partner of the following international projects:
Les Reparages /Danse of Lille (France) – International Meeting of Choreography‚ where for several days every year‚ organizers from all over the world meet to present the young choreographers from their countries. / March 2008.
DANCE ROADS – dance encounters for the circuiting of young dancers‚ which involves five partners from all over the world‚ allowing the choreographers to present their work to the other partner nations‚ to perform their shows and hold formative workshops.

And in Italy:

As of July 2007‚ Natalia Casorati’s Interplay Festival is Piedmont’s inter−regional partner in the project “VETRINA ANTICORPI XL” of the Emilio Romagna region‚ for the festival LAVORI IN PELLE‚ (Skin Works)‚ directed by the Association Cantieri‚ together with the project’s partners from other regions.
Since April 2006‚ INTERPLAY has been part of the Artistic Sharing network – a network made up of 9 festivals‚ including other important Italian festivals – (Ammutinamenti− Ravenna‚ Armunia – Castiglioncello‚ Danae – Milan‚ Danza Urbana – Bologna‚ Enzimi – Rome‚ Fabbrica Europa – Florence‚ Interplay – Turin‚ Opera Estate Festival of Veneto – Bassano‚ Santarcangelo – International performing arts festival – Santarcangelo di Romagna) that support the new independent dance.
The aim of every national and international collaboration is that of sharing the festivals’ artistic choices and therefore creating the possibility of exchanges‚ amplifying the visibility of avant−garde dance and supporting future productions together.


• 1994−1995 –’96 –’97 –’98 Contrappunti – dance in unusual space‚ series of events held in some of the most important art galleries in Turin.

• 1997 Biennial of Young European and Mediterranean Artists / Turin‚ organization of the dance sector Biennial Off

• 2001 – March‚ Book Fair – Presentation of the book documenting the Contrappunti Festivals “Racconti‚ Racconti”. (Tales‚ Tales)

• since 1999 in June − Contrappunti is held in collboration with Video.It‚ presentation of videos by young artists‚ done in collaboration with the GAM of Turin – in the cloisters of the ex− cemetery‚ San Pietro in Vincoli.

• 2001 – May‚ Interplay Festival/Live Dance with Video ’01; Teatro Juvarra

• 2001 – September‚ Contrappunti 8 + – San Pietro in Vincoli

• 2002 – May‚ Interplay Festival/02 – Teatro Juvarra

• 2002 – September‚ Contrappunti 9 + – San Pietro in Vincoli

• 2003 – May‚ Piedmont Live Day at the Exilles Fort – dance performance

• 2003 − May‚ Interplay Festival/03 − Teatro Juvarra‚ Piccolo Regio‚Teatro Gobetti

• 2003 − June – July ‚ Torino Contemporanea – two evenings in collaboration with other avant−garde theatre groups‚ presented at the Cavallerizza Reale as a part of the Festival delle Colline Torinesi

• 2003 – September/October‚ − at The Beach‚ FNAC‚ GAM º 2003 – October‚ Eccentrico – selected dance performances to participate in the series curated by Stalker Teatro

• 2003 – 2005 – integratal part of the seasons of the Piccolo Regio Laboratory – in its three years of collaboration‚ it invited nationally and internationally renown artists: >2003‚ Nigel Charnock; >2004‚ Richard Move; >2005‚ Enzo Cosimi

• 2004 – April‚ Courts and hamlets in the waterlands – dance performance

• 2004 – April‚ Piedmont Live – dance performance‚ Pistoletto Foundation‚ Biella

• 2004 – May – Interplay Festival/Cruel dance – Presented in collaboration with the sector Focus of TorinoDanza/City of Turin – Teatro Juvarra

• 2004 – October‚ Stress & Relax − dance performance

• 2005 – May‚ Interplay Festival/05‚ Dance Noise – Focus8 of TorinoDanza‚ Fonderie Teatrali Limone‚ Piccolo Regio Puccini + Metropolitan Blitzes in store windows and city streets‚ at the University and at The Beach – Murazzi on the Po

• 2005 – May‚ Un messaggio da lontano/ performance event (A message from faraway) at the Merz Foundation‚ a multi−disciplinary event in collaboration with Association Sfera and Stalker Teatro

• 2005 May − Pistoletto Foundation‚ Biella − dance performance “Persone” curated by the company Aicomos

• 2005 – September‚ Torino Contemporanea Festival – organization and artistic participation in the Festival with other companies in the Area of Theatre and Performing Arts

• 2005 September‚ La Notte Bianca (White Night) – in collaboration with The Gate of Porta Palazzo‚ dance performance“Mut/Azioni”‚ curated by the company Aicomos

• 2005 – November‚ Video.It + Contrappunti di danza – curated by ArteGiovane in collaboration with the Gam of Turin‚ the Association Care−off of Milan‚ GAI – Circuit of Young Italian Artists and the City of Turin

• 2006 – May‚ Interplay Festival/06 Dance of Words/Focus 10 of TorinoDanza‚ Teatro Astra + metropolitan blitzes in store windows and city streets‚ at the University‚ Circoscrizione 10 and Mosaico’s headquarters

• 2006 – September‚ Piedmont Live‚ we don’t miss the shining sea – artistic collaboration for the evening of “Tripods‚ 3 punti tra il cielo e la terra” (3 places between the sky and earth)

• 2006 – September‚ Festival Torino Contemporanea III edition – organization and artistic participation in the Festival with the other companies of the Area of Theatre and Performing Arts: Sept. 30‚ performance of “Specchi” curated by the company Aicomos‚ choreographed by Eugenio De Mell‚ with Barbara Calì‚ Eleonora Ariolfo and Eleonora Gerbelle. Actress: Elena Cavallo with texts by Marta Castorino‚ produced by Interplay Festival and MoasaicoDanza in collaboration with the Holden School and Turin Book Capital with Rome.

• 2007 – January‚ Video.It 8 − collaboration with the series of video art entitled “Con Acqua/Senz’Acqua” (With/without water) with the presentation of the show “The Real Doll – La Bambola Vera” by Paola Chiama (dance) and Alessandro Amaducci (video)

• 2007 May‚ Interplay Festival/07 – Fonderie Teatrali Limone

• November 15 – May 25‚ 2008 – Inside/Off work in progress of contemporary dance at the Mosaico headquarters’ performance space

• 2008− Dance Roads 19‚20‚21‚23 February– Dance Roads‚ international encounters of original dance at the Sala Espace‚ Turin

• 2008 – March − participation as italian partner at Les Repèrages – Le Gymnase CDC− choreography by Annika Pannitto.

• 2008 – March (6 th and 7 th) present a dance performance (by Dario La Stella) for− Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti.

• 2008 May (from 16 th to 26 th) Interplay/08 – Fonderie Teatrali Limone

• 2008 September (17 th and 20 th) – Vetrina della Giovane Danza d’Autore – Ravenna‚ Artificerie Almagià‚ Rete Anticorpi XL


The experience and professionalism acquired through the ten editions of the CONTRAPPUNTI Festivals “ dance in art spaces” (1994 –2003) which took place alongside a series of video art events “”‚ in collaboration with the GAM of Turin‚ since 2004‚ has been directed into the INTERPLAY Festival‚ which held its its seventh edition in 2007.


Over the years‚ the INTERPLAY Festival‚ directed by Natalia Casorati‚ has maintained and enlarged upon its coherence and credibility regarding the important space reserved for contemporary dance‚ always guaranteeing the highest artistic quality‚ hosting choreographers to present their productions at the principal contemporary dance and theatre festivals and through the years‚ it has become a reference point for the new original dance. Its programming has hosted those performances in which the poetics of the research extend to diverse languages‚ where dance‚ music‚ video and the spoken word interact….performances are held in places designated as theatres (Fonderie Limone‚ Teatro Astra‚ Piccolo Regio‚ Teatro Juvarra…) as well as with the Metropolitan Blitzes‚ in various urban spaces; store display windows‚ city squares…Performances addressed to a chance audience that then casually also follows the Festival into the theatres. dance.


The festival “CONTRAPPUNTI” (COUNTERPOINTS) “shows in urban spaces”‚ active since 1994 and reaching its tenth edition in 2003‚ has been incorporated into the INTERPLAY festival. A point of reference as a showcase for original Italian dance‚ over the course of its ten years‚ it has presented for the very first time in Turin‚ many important names of the emergent choreography now present in the most important Italian and foreign avant−garde festivals. The series was originally created in some of Turin’s most important art galleries and then moved into the courtyard/cloisters of San Pietro in Vincoli‚ in collaboration with the ArteGiovane Association and the GAM of Turin‚ and in its latest edition it has moved into city spaces which could be defined as urban stages (museums‚ clubs‚ streets‚ store display windows…) offering an informal audience‚ including those who do not usually go the theatre‚ a free possibility of enjoying performances in alternative spaces. For some of the events‚ the Festival has collaborated with the series‚ video works by young Italian artists curated by the ArteGiovane Association and the GAM of Turin.


Over the years‚ there have been many collaborations with other important organizations and events‚ including: Teatro Piccolo Regio‚ the Musica 90 Festival‚ the GAM of Turin‚ the Book Fair‚ FNAC’s meeting space‚ local clubs like The Beach at the Murazzi on the Po and various art galleries in Turin (Peola‚ Carbone‚ Tonin‚ MilleVenti…) as well as the collaboration with the important event Turin World Book Capital with Rome‚ for the edition of Interplay/06. But we especially wish to underline the network of Artistic Sharing‚ created for the seventh edition of the festival‚ with 8 other important Italian festivals‚ which foresees not only moral support for the festivals’ artistic choices‚ but also involves the work of collective planning‚ which calls for the sharing of hosting‚ circuiting and producing. Furthermore‚ there’s the partnership with two important international festivals: The International Choreography Festival Les Reparages 07/ Lille (France) and the Lugar a Dança Festival /Lisbon (Portugal) and the international network Dance Roads‚ created with 5 other European partners‚ as always‚ for the promotion of young


The Association has supported young companies with several Contrappunti/10 co−productions: Saleug@ by and with Eugenio De Mello‚ Intro−spective by and with Tino Schepis – Interplay/04: Stories About by Gabriella Maiorino (later produced by DWA in Amsterdam); Follia by Ambra Senatore and Daniela Paci − Interplay/05: IKI by Barbara Uccelli (a guest in 2006 at the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center); TRE by Eugenio De Mello; OMEN by the MK (produced by and hosted in 2006 at the Venice Dance Biennial) − Interplay/06 Zoo by Gabriella Maiorino; Specchi by the company AicoMos; Informazioni Utili by Ambra Senatore and Andrea Bajani (in collaboration with Turin World Book Capital with Rome) For this last year’s edition we co−produced Sara Marassi’s show‚ The Tender Inspection – 07.

WORKSHOPS and seminars/shows

Since 2002‚ the Association organizes contemporary dance workshops with choreographers who have participated in the Contrappunti and Interplay festivals‚ which are open to dancers and actors. Furthermore‚ in the last three years it has organized workshops especially created for the areas of the city’s outskirts: the Circoscrizione X and San Salvario.