Interplay/10 International Contemporary Dance Festival will take place from May 18 to May 28‚ 2010.
In its tenth edition this year‚ the festival will host renown artists of the international dance scene‚ along with promising new emergent artists who have distinguished themselves at major dance festivals in Italy and abroad − choreographer/protagonists from Holland‚ Denmark‚ Canada‚ England‚ Switzerland and Israel…and then from Italy − choreographers from the regions of Marche‚ Tuscany‚ Veneto‚ Emilia‚ Lazio... and naturally‚ from Piedmont.

As in the past editions‚ collaboration among the organizers of important events regarding emergent contemporary dance continues‚ in particular‚ focusing on supporting and helping out the touring of some young choreographers. Interplay Festival is the only Italian partner who is part of two international networks: the French Festival‚ Les Repérages−Lille‚ involving 15 countries and its biennial project to support the touring of young choreographers; and Dance Roads‚ with 5 other international partners‚ the events of which will take place as part of the Interplay/10 Festival this year.

For several years now‚ on a national level‚ Interplay Festival has been part of the ANTICORPI XL networkmade up of 8 organizations from 8 different regions in Italy‚ with the aim of helping the touring of young Italian choreographers‚ particularly by means of the Original Young Dance Showcase‚ which takes place in September in Ravenna‚ and is organized by Monica Francia and Selina Bassini of the Association Cantieri. The collaboration with ANTICORI XL for the Piedmont Region has expanded this year to include the THEATRICAL CIRCUIT OF PIEDMONT‚ directed by Patrizia Coletta. Some of the choreographers selected at the Original Young Dance Showcase by the ANTICOPRI XL network in Ravenna (Sept. ’09)‚ in which we are represent Piedmont‚ will be hosted by the Theatrical Circuit. We will conduct a coordinated promotion which will also include the dates scheduled for Interplay/10.
Furthermore‚ after its success last year‚ this year also includes The Critical Writing Workshop‚ addressed to the University of Turin students enrolled in courses dedicated to the performing arts disciplines‚ and which has been made possible by the collaboration with the CRUD‚ University Regional Dance Center‚ and is directed by Critico Altre Velocità.

The Interplay Festival opens on May 18th with the promising young French choreographer Thomas Lebrun. First a dancer‚ then a choreographer‚ Lebrun founded the Illico Company in 1998. With support from the choreographic center of Lille since 2006‚ he has created choreographic works for foreign companies such as the Chinese National Ballet of Laionning and the Grupo Tapis in Brazil. He was the only French artist to participate in the 2009 edition of FranceDance in Vilnius.
For Interplay‚ he will present the captivating show Switch‚ where several interpreters identify themselves with one single character‚ showing us different contexts or explorations of identity of personalities.

May 19th is Urban Dance day‚ which will take place in the city center in the street for pedestrians only‚ Via Amendola‚ hosting four companies from Turin: Michela MinguzziTardito/RendinaSenza Confini di Pelle and Sara Marasso. The topic of their works will be inspired by the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy. Both Tardito−Rendina and Senza Confini di Pelle will develop works through workshops open to non−professionals to create some dance−theatre performances. These performances are free admission‚ with the aim of bringing performances to the people‚ and are addressed to a chance‚ informal audience.
Dario La Stella is a dancer‚ actor and choreographer‚ founder of Senza Confini di Pelle‚ who has studied different languages thanks to Sosta Palmizi‚ Judith Malina‚ Aldes and La Fura Dels Baus. Together with Valentina Solinas‚ he will present Società Italiana Gesti (Italian Society of Gestures)‚ a journey through that peculiar expressive need that we Italian have‚ which turns into a dance of the Italian people.
Federica Tardito and Aldo Rendina‚ also coming from a wide−range of theatre and dance experience (Claude Coldy‚ Anna Sagna‚ Sosta Palmizi...) put into act a panorama through the years of all the various kinds of comicality‚ and who have a parallel educational activity aimed at transmitting the pleasure of seeing oneself in a dramatic or surprisingly ridiculous light‚ will present an outdoor work with the group La Cascata.
Young Michela Minguzzi‚ who received her diploma from the M.A.S. in Milan and formerly collaborated with Virgilio Sieni and is the author of her won works‚ will present Unbalance‚ a performance inspired by Kerouac’s writing that’s about limits and boundaries in an exploration of ‘the dark’ and insecurity.
And finally returning to perform in Turin is Sara Marasso with Volte Sempre‚ an outdoor urban performance created for the European regional project Mercati Comuni (Common Markets). After studying with grand masters of the contemporary and contact dance scene‚ Sara Marasso has presented her choreography at many important Italian and international festivals and she was the only Italian presented at Les Réperages Festival in 2009.
These performances are free admission‚ with the aim of bringing performances to the people‚ and are addressed to a chance‚ informal audience.

OnMay 20th and 21st we will host the 5 companies selected for the DANCE ROADS project‚ coordinated by the 5 international organizational partners promoting the project. The selected choreographers will go on tour for about 40 days in Canada‚ Italy‚ Holland‚ Denmark and Great Britain‚ and present their works‚ all national debuts‚ at the events organized by the partners. The Italian choreographer who has been chosen this year is Ambra Senatore‚ also the winner of this year’s Premio Equilibrio (Equilibrium Award).
The participating choreographers: Virginiel Brunelle (Canada) in Foutrement‚ a pièce about adultery and the games of seduction. With violent broken−down gestures‚ the choreography embodies the pain that human beings impose upon these triangular relationships.
After receiving her degree in choreography in 2007‚ Virginiel Brunelle began her career with the final work of her studies‚ followed by a ‘David Kilburn’ scholarship‚ a residency and a co−production on behalf of Studio 303 and her being selected for the creative collective’ mixmusic’ (Quebec−Belgium).
Cai Tomos (UK) in Calon which means “heart” in Welsh. Observing the heart‚ weaving together personal stories with scientifically proven facts‚ using dance‚ movement‚ images‚ text‚ sound and objects‚ Cai traces a journey of the heart from the very beginning to the very last instant.
Winner of the Creative Wales Award‚ he studied at Coventry University and as a performer with the Earthfall Physical Theatre; he is the co−founder of the Uru−Welsh Project in Montevideo in South America. He currently teaches at The Place in London‚ for the evening school program.
Ambra Senatore will be in Turin with Altro piccolo progetto domestico (Another little domestic project)‚ but on tour abroad with Passo‚ the show that won the award ‘Premio Equilibrio ’09. Since 2004‚ she has created solos presented on stages all over Italy and abroad. She has collaborated with many artists: Giorgio Rossi‚ Roberto Castello‚ Antonio Tagliarini and with the Théatre l’Odeon in Paris. In 2001‚ she attended the Isola Dance Academy directed by Carolyn Carlson. Her many creations include “EDA / solo”‚ 2004‚” Merce”‚ 2005 and “Maglie”‚ 2008.
Lars Dahl Pedersen (Denmark) in Running Sculpture‚ a performance in which dance‚ music and lighting define a voyage passing through different mental states. A universe of moods appears between two existences that are close to one another‚ together and alone.
A dancer and choreographer who trained at the Danish National School of Contemporary Dance‚ he went on to study in New York and London. His choreographic works have been presented in Denmark and Sweden. “Running Sculpture” has become part of the repertory of the company Mancopy in Aarhus‚ Denmark.
Jens Van Daele (Holland) in Battre le fer‚ a duel danced by two women.
It refers to strength and character‚ of blind and ceaseless struggle. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth‚ in a physical battle that escalates‚ Battre le fer depicts a useless act of energy wasted on thoughtless actions.
Jens Van Daele has studied at the Stedelijk Instituut voor ballet in Antwerp; Belgium. As a dancer‚ she has worked for Conny Jansees‚ the Takeuchi Company and Rogie &Company‚ with which she won the Zwaan award as the best dancer in “Spring” in 2005.
Since 1999‚ her choreographic works have been presented in many major cities and at the Holland Festival.
Only for Italian date of Dance Roads Tour there will be young duo Ariolfo_Varriale‚ involved in a multidisciplinary research‚ joining dance togheter with new media and image working-out technologies.
After a selection for Spazi per la Danza 2009‚ winners of recidency and price for Prosepttiva Danza – Padova 2010‚ Eleonora Ariolfo e Fabrizio Varriale present Stil Scan for Interplay/10‚ a work on how we confuse real and virtual moments of our social lives‚ fragments often becoming unrecognaizable to their own protagonists.

The Festival continues on Monday‚ May 24th‚ again at the Astra Theatre‚ with two excellent and prestigious companies of choreographic research in the panorama of contemporary dance. MK of Michele Di Stefano‚ the well−known company from Rome‚ has been invited to the most important festivals of the new national scene with ambiguous and radical work researching the body‚ including the most recent works: “Real Madrid” and “Funzione” for the Festival of Santarcangelo‚ “Tourism” at Biennale Danza 06‚ “Comfort”for the IX Indonesian Dance Festival in Jakarta and the Sparks Festival of Electronic Art in Minneapolis (Minnesota‚ USA).
Their latest work Speak Spanish‚ will share the evening with Co(te)lette‚ an outrageous show by the young Dutch choreographer Ann Van de Broek ‚ winner of the prestigious Dutch Zwaan award for dance for the best production in 2008‚ defined “the most thrilling dance work of the past theatrical season”. Ann is one of the most original choreographers of the European contemporary dance scene and in this show she explores the most intimate contradictions of femininity‚ with three women protagonists who dance inspired by topics of sensuality‚ carnality‚ success and fame‚ to music composed especially for it‚ in collaboration Arne Van Dongen.

On May 25th‚ the Festival will move to the city center to the space at the Cavallerizza Reale for the latest production by the company Aldes‚ directed by Roberto Castello‚ who has been involved in contemporary dance production and experimentation for many years‚ with a strong interest in the rapport between the action and the spectator in an unconventional time/space dimension. He was awarded the Ubu Prize in 2003 in the dance−theatre sector for “The Best of all possible worlds”‚ the eighth chapter of which will be presented at Interplay/10‚ entitled Nel disastro (In the disaster)‚ a reflection upon the meaning of life today‚ or perhaps more precisely‚ on it’s absence‚ structured as a sequence of solos interspersed with brief group scenes.

On May 26th‚ the festival is hosted once again at the space in the Cavallerizza Reale. The evening begins with Frozen‚ a brief duo by the Israeli Yaron Shamir‚ a student of Jan Fabre‚ Vera Sander‚ Adam Benjamin and others‚ who presents here a brief but intense duo on the topic of dilemma and sacrifice.
This will be followed by the humorous Swiss group Delgado Fuchs‚ founded in Berne in 2002‚ presenting the show Manteau Long en Laine Marine‚ by the choreographers Nadine Fuchs and Marco Delgado. The show alternates between a half−serious and half−facetious enumeration of what a dancer does or knows how to do‚ and the obstacles that are unique in their expressive meanings.
The Delgado Fuchs collective‚ created in Berne in 2002‚ produces performances and installations that force one to re−think about the body and its action outside of the dance context‚ and their work is strengthened by its ambiguity. They are always re−formulating the topic through actions‚ varying its perspectives and revealing the versatile nature of identity‚ subject and multiple ways of being. Their choreographic works have been presented in the USA‚ Canada and all over Europe (including L’ETE DES HIVERNALES d’Avignon).

May 27th is the evening of ANTICOPRI EXPLO’‚ traces of the new original dance‚ with the choreographers selected from the Original Young Dance Showcase which took place in Ravenna in September ’09.
The guests are three young choreographers whose work greatly differs: Alessandro Sciarroni from the Marche Region‚ who we admired in the last edition of Interplay in his show “Your Girl”‚ this year presents Cowboys‚ a work about color and superficial identity. It can be summed up with the sentence: “we express ourselves thanks to the contemporary that allows us to remain on the surface of things.” The work springs from the spatial research of the Portuguese artist Helena Almeida‚ and is inspired by the structure of the book about colors by Derek Jarman: “Chroma”.
Founder of the Cultural Association Corpoceleste (Heavenly bodies) in 2007‚ he was chosen for the finals of the International Performance Award in Dro‚ Centrale FIES‚ and was the winner of the “Germogli” prize in 2007 and the award “Nuove sensibilità” in 2008 with a production supported by the Established Theatre of Marche and AMAT. As of 2009‚ he teaches at the Established Theatre School of the Marche.
From the Veneto Region there will be Silvia Gribaudi in A corpo libero (Free Body) created for the contest of Young Original Dance of Veneto 2009‚ where she won the first prize. It is a humorous work about the feminine condition‚ starting from the joyful fluidity of the body.
A dancer‚ choreographer and performer‚ after encountering the teacher Claude Coldy‚ she set out on a path of study from Danza Sensibile‚ to Butoh and to physical theatre. From 2004 to 2007‚ she worked with the actor Vasco Mirandola. Currently a teacher at the Theatre Academy of Veneto‚ she won the Gd’A award with “A corpo libero”‚ which she then presented at the Dance Biennial 2009 and at the European project Choreoroam.
The Puglia Region will be represented by Maristella Tanzi and Francesca Giglio of the company QuaLiBò in (dueperdue)perdue (Two by two times two)‚ a show for a tight space‚ consisting of a game/exhibition of two modern ‘dolls’‚ two showcase dolls‚ exalting a grotesquely sensual plastic femininity.
Maristella Tanzi and Francesca Giglio have studied various contemporary dance techniques‚ hatha and ashtanga yoga‚ Capoeira and acrobatics. In 2006‚ they created the solos “Taratà Tanz” and “ZeroDue” and in 2008‚ “Partitura Privata”‚ selected for the Anticorpi−XL Showcase ‘08. Maristella danced with the company Sosta Palmizi from 2003 to 2006. Francesca works in the field of social aid. Since 2002‚ they have both worked for the company QuaLiBò directed by Lisa Masellis.

The last evening of the Festival is May 28th‚ hosting three Italian companies that have presented their shows at major festivals and have toured the national and international circuits.
The very young Teodora Castellucci‚ considered to be a talent in the Italian new performance scene‚ the winner of the Gd’A Special Award of Emilia Romagna‚ for her first choreographic work “à elle vide”(Interplay/08)‚ supported by CANGO‚ UOVO and FIES Central.
At Interplay/10‚ she will present Baldassare‚ for a limited number of spectators. There is some golden fabric that acts as a back−drop for the epiphany of the figure of Baldassarre. A vision that lasts only a few seconds where the hand of the Wise−man‚ symbol of the munificent generosity of the king‚ performs its dance. And in the darkness out of which everything is born‚ one returns‚ as if sucked into a whirlpool‚ and as if in reality nothing at all had ever appeared.
The group Nanou‚ in Motel (faccende personali)−prima stanza (personal stuff− first room) by Marco Valerio Amico and Rhuena Bracci‚ (the show was the finalist for the 2008 Equilibrio Award); the group has received support from the major festivals of the new contemporary dance scene such as: Fabbrica Europa‚ Centrale Fies‚ and the Pontedera Theatre Foundation. In Motel‚ the company has created some minimalist ‘tableaux vivants’ which appear to be inspired by the stupendous paintings by E. Hopper (R. Di Giammarco) with a lovely fluidity of human entrances and exits amidst a maze of furniture.
The evening concludes with Alessandra and Antonella Sini of the group from Rome‚ Sistemi Dinamici Altamente Instabili (Highly Unstable Dynamic Systems)‚ which has been absent from Turin for many years and now returns to present CRUOR – sottrazione (subtraction) at Interplay ’10.
This project stems from reflections upon choreographic creation in relation to the relationship of Western thought with that of the Oriental way of thinking. Cultural and artistic premises must be shifted so as to open up to other possibilities and modify choreographic practice and construction. Sistemi Dinamici Altamente Instabili (Highly Unstable Dynamics Systems) is a group that’s dedicated to researching movement and conducting experiments of the body through the rhythmic−dynamic action intrinsic to dance and to the exploration of other languages. It has been a guest at many festivals in Italy and abroad‚ has participated in Urban Dance events and has been invited to perform at museums and art galleries in unique performance and installation events.

Natalia Casorati


with Ambra SenatoreFrancesca Giglio and Maristella Tanzi
Silvia GribaudiTecnologia FilosoficaFrancesca Foscarini

Performance Dates of the companies selected from the Original Young Dance Showcase − ANTICOPRPI XL Network

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