The Festival returned this year with an additional appointment‚ four evenings rich with shows (two to four per evening) in thematic continuity with the previous edition. The dance companies worked with music played live and in some cases‚ space was left open for choreographic and musical improvisation‚ placing alongside shows created with live music and those in which the collaboration between the musicians and choreographers was such that it allowed the show to take its own course‚ becoming definite “dance performing”.

We have seen on the scene three internationals choreographers: Giorgio Rossi‚ Alessandro Certini and David Zambrano (Holland). An evening has been organized in collaboration with the festival MUSICA 90‚ inviting the musician Michel Godard from Paris‚ one of the most renown tuba players. The Festival watched the regional realities‚ holding three Turin choreographers: Chiara Rosenthal‚ Paola Colonna and Lucia Citterio.

May 8th

Bassini–Bruni Company (Ravenna)
choreography Selina Bassini and Claudia Bruni
director Gerardo Lamattina
with Alessandro Bedosti – Rhuena Bracci – Sergio Scarlatella – Selina Bassini – Claudia Bruni
live music Michele Guidi (keyboards and accordion) Federica Maglioni (voice and bassoon) Davide Paganotto (cello)

dance performance by Chiara Rosenthal (Torino)
choreography Renato Cravero‚ Chiara Rosenthal and 6 dancers
live music Paolo Albert (sax)‚ Luciano Corrado (djidjeridou) and Fabio Viana (interactive body−suit)

May 9th

A spontaneous dance and music performance duo
Vera Stasi Company
with David Zambrano‚ (choreographer‚ dancer – Amsterdam)
and the cellist Tristan Honsinger (Amsterdam)

Esercizi in stile
Elaboration and musical texts by and with Armando Prioglio (voices and various supports) and Guido Balestracci (voice and viola da gamba)

May 15th

Evening in collaboration
with Musica 90

Improvisation dance performance
with Laura Cadelo (choreographer‚ dancer – Reggio Emilia)
and the musician Michel Godard − tuba (Paris) and the singer Linda Bsiri (Paris)

Sistemi Dinamici Altamente Instabili (Roma)
choreography Alessandra Sini
on stage Paola De Rossi‚ Francesca Sassi‚ Alessandra Sini‚ Antonella Sini
Surya. Lab
ambiente luce Max Mugnai
lighting Stefano Montinaro
production CIULINGA onlus

Deus ex machina
Rapatika Company(Torino)
choreography Paola Colonna
with Marta Belforte‚ Paola Colonna‚ Stefania Difonzo‚
Lorella Loddo‚ Ottavia Micillo‚ Daniela Paci‚ Raffaella Spagna
live music Sabina Orlandini (remix + voice)
video installation ”Wild giraffa” by Tosca Donato

Zero Tollerance in concerto
con DJ Max (Max Ferraresi): Turn Tables - DJ Fab (Fabrizio Gregorio): Loops cd Live Eletronic
Gianni Gebbia alto Sax
Francesco Cusa drums

May 16th

Improvisation dance performance
Improvisation dance performance
by and with Alessandro Certini (choreographer‚ dancer – Company Blu – Firenze)
and Giorgio Rossi – (choreographer‚ dancer – Sosta Palmizi – Cortona)
live music Alchemic Duo
with Angelo Conto piano‚ Simone Bosco drums and percussion

Senza di Me
Improvisation Dance Performance
by and with Lucia Citterio (choreographer‚ dancer – Torino)
live music Andy Moor – The Ex (Olanda)