CQD is an international network of festivals that promotes the contemporary dance in urban context.
The aim is to increase the value of artistic and cultural Heritages and to develop the urban dance. Actually the network has 40 partner from 16 European countries and from Latin America such Spain‚ Portugal‚ Italy‚ France‚ Switzerland‚ UK‚ Uruguay‚ Chile‚ Bolivia‚ Cuba‚ Brazil‚ Argentina‚ Germany‚ Belgium‚ Sweden and much more.  

Dancing Cities Network is an international network of contemporary dance festival which have a program in urban landscapes.
Dancing Cities was created by Marató de l’Espectacle Association in 1997 in Barcelona. The Association‚ aware of the lack of connection between dance and the audience‚ created in 1992 the first specific dance festival in Barcelona‚ Dansa al Parc (Dance in the Park‚ that lately became Dies de dansa with one clear intention: to present dance in a seductive space‚ nearest to the general audience.
This proposal aroused the interest of professionals and organizations‚ which is why the Marató de l’Espectacle promoted the realization of similar events to other European and Latin American cities.
In this way‚ and gradually‚ from 1997‚ led to the creation of an international network‚ based in Barcelona‚ where it has created an international integrated circuit by independent festivals‚ with a common goal: the promotion of dance in urban areas and the democratization of culture.