INTERPLAY, the festival dedicated to the new generations of the most contemporary dance returns in the Spring, bringing the best of new national and international creativity to Turin for 10 days

The festival opens at the Astra Theatre on May 21st and 22nd, shifts to the Casa del Teatro Theatre on May 25th , then moves outdoors to the city squares for the Metropolitan Blitzes on May 26th, and concludes at the Lavanderia a Vapore Theatre in Collegno on May 29th and 31st.
Various theatrical spaces, to accommodate different audiences, but also to bring dance into and around the city.

There will be 100 artists from all over the world, coming from 10 European and extra-EU countries and from different Italian regions: 23 companies, with 8 national premieres, which will alternate in 3 theatres in the city and the metropolitan area of Turin and in urban spaces.
DEBUTS, SITE-SPECIFIC CREATIONS, and the hospitality of NEW GENERATIONS, alongside BETTER KNOWN groups that are innovative, courageous, and free to use different linguistic and artistic codes. A window on the artistic poetics of the present, with a look towards the future, a look that is sometimes disturbing. There will be Break Times for sharing aesthetic, cultural, and emotional experiences, as well as drinking and eating together ... a "party" time for the shows, reconfirming Interplay as one of the most significant appointments for discovering the future talents of contemporary dance.

Our attention continues to be focused on artists from the Mediterranean basin, with a section of the festival dedicated to companies from different Arab countries: FOCUS on YOUNG MEDITERRANEAN AND MIDDLE EAST CHOREOGRAPHERS. Interplay inaugurates the tour, hosting an Iranian choreographer and a Syrian company, a choice that is also a gamble in such a delicate political time.

The artistic formations hosted by the festival, some of them younger and others more established, have significant artistic paths of absolute prominence and rigor. The Interplay festival opens with TABEA MARTIN on May 21st at the Astra Theatre, with her new creation Beyond Indifference, a work reconfirming her desire to explore the weaknesses of human beings in a playful and provocative way. A leading name in the European scene, she has won numerous awards, including the Wim Barry Prize in 2011, and nominated as a promising young choreographer at the Dutch Dance Days in Maastricht. In 2013 and 2014 she was on the short list of choreographers selected for Aerowaves, and in 2013 she was awarded at the international Reconnaissance competition. From 2016- 2018 she has been a "Young Associated Artist" of the Pro Helvetia-Swiss Arts Council mentoring program.
The youngest artist shares the inauguration of the festival: MATTEO MARFOGLIA, a young Italian talent, is a naturalized Englishman who has chosen to study and work in the UK, obtaining in 2017 the important recognition as the future leader of dance in the UK. In 2018 he was awarded the Creative Wales Award by the Welsh Ministry of Culture, which will support him for an entire year in his artistic and choreographic research.

May 22nd at the Astra Theatre will be an all-Italian evening, with the most interesting emergent performers: SALVO LOMBARDO, who has had past experience with the Anghiari Dance Hub and is an associated artist of the East West Festival, brings his performance Present Continuous to Interplay, where he continues his research on the relationship between memory, perception, and movement in his observation of reality and everyday life. The mood shifts with the latest show by MARCO CHENEVIER, This Work on Orange, where the young choreographer mixes theatre and dance, winking with skillful irony at the movie “A Clockwork Orange”. He has presented his shows at important festivals and events in Italy and abroad, including Be Festival 2015 (UK) – winner of best show, OpenDance Festival (Italy), HangartFest (Italy), FITT Festival in Tarragona (SP), Pflasterspektakel Festival in Linz (Austria), and the Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival (NL).
LUNA CENERE presents her first choreography, Kokoro, a work that is closer to the performing arts. The show has already received important awards, including the Award for Best Choreography at the 'Solocoreographico 2017' series and its inclusion in the prestigious international showcase Aerowaves 2018. Interplay moves to the Casa del Teatro Theatre for the first time on May 25th, with an evening that combines short and long formats and site-specific shows. Performing for the first time at Interplay will be the DÉJÀ̀ DONNÉ́ company, the winner of Next 2017, a showcase of dance in Lombardy. SIRO GUGLIELMI, a young choreographer and dancer who performed with the "Junior Ballet of Tuscany", has worked with the choreographers Eugenio Scigliano, Eugenio Buratti, Arianna Benedetti, Francesco Nappa, and Fabrizio Monteverde. The star of the evening will be the Syrian choreographer MITHKAL ALZGHAIR with Displacement. This touching and exciting show, made up of a solo and a trio, explores the social and political context of the artist's homeland, developing an extremely personal choreographic language that mixes tradition and modernity, where the traditional repertoire interacts with the military experience from which the artist has fled.

On May 26th the dance goes out from the theatres with Interplay’s Metropolitan Blitzes, a ‘good habit’ of the festival to promote urban landscapes in synergy with cultural events through energetic and physical ways of dancing. The aim is getting closer to all kind of people through outdoor dynamic dancing, in more ‘liquid’ environments. Following EU directives that encourage interdisciplinarity and promote dialogue and synergy among arts, the urban dance moves to a place of contemporaneity: the stunning INDOOR and OUTDOOR spaces of the CASTELLO DI RIVOLI, MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART. The focus will be on choreographers and dancers ... but also on DANCING STATUES! Like WRECK, an astonishing and suggestive performance by the Belgian company directed by the choreographer PIETRO MARULLO: 6 dancers and a huge inflatable light sculpture. A blend of languages: dance, visual arts, sound and installation in a single performance. To follow: from Spain and Croatia, Marko Fonseca, founder with Raúl Martínez of the Company LOS INNATO; FRANCESCO COLALEO with MAXIME FREIXAS for an urban version of Re-Garde, a contemporary dance performance designed for a theatre space. In addition, the young FEDERICA FRANCESE and DANIELE SALVITTO from Turin, coordinated by Cristina Golin for the performance D’mes. The night will continue with FEDERICA POZZO who makes fun of the modern obsession for staying fit with her irreverent performance Fee.T.Ness for 6 dancers. Last but not least, Twelve Times: twelve dancers directed by DANIELE NINARELLO.

For the evenings of May 29th and 31st, the festival moves to the Lavanderia a Vapore, a center for contemporary dance excellence. Europe meets the East: LALI AYGUADÉ from Spain and SINA SABERI from Iran. KOKORO, by LALI AYGUADÉ́, created in close synergy with the eclectic composer Josep Baldomà whose compositions draw on pop, jazz, and classical music, investigates the fragility of sentimental ties by drawing on languages that, rather than abstract and formal dance, belong more to dance theatre. Lali studied at the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios/P.A.R.T.S., the school of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, where she performed in choreographies by William Forsythe, Trisha Brown, and Rosas. After performing for four years, she created her first choreography, “Silence”, supervised by Wim Vandekeybus, which has been presented throughout Europe. Their work revolves around the meeting between dance and music also for a young French company, COLLETIF A/R, by imagining choreography for OUTDOOR theatre spaces, such as LUCIO BAGLIVO, which enchants the crowds with choreographic acrobatics and was sponsored by Bob Wilson in 2012. He returns to Interplay with the trio Solo Juntos.

The festival ends on May 31st with 5 short format performances, two of which outdoor, as usual. The company TECNOLOGIA FILOSOFICA - almost countercurrent in this age of loudness - will present a work on SILENCE with ALDO TORTA and STEFANO BOTTI, in their delicate piece BOULE DE NEIGE (Snowball) at 8pm. During the buffet in the OUTDOOR spaces of the theatre: AGUA, by CHEY JURADO, awarded Best Performer at the Masdanza Canaris, winner of the Hop Festival/Solo category, and the Audience Award at the 10 Sentidos choreographic competition in Valencia and the Burgos dance competition in New York, with a brief performance on the 4 primary elements of nature. To follow: ANDREA GALLO ROSSO, who has been working on social inclusion projects for years and will make second-generation immigrants and over 60 non- professional dancers get together with his work MOVING CLOSER.
The evening continues with the RESODANCER COMPANY in Nacreous, a show for 4 performers created by the Israeli-American choreographer SHI PRATT, who has had experience with major companies, including the Batsheva Dance Company. The spatial structure in which the four dancers work is transformed into a continuous encounter/clash between the subjects and the environment and the subjects themselves, for a work where choreography reaches instances of the highest formal level. The mood shifts again with GISELDA RANIERI, a promising new Italian choreographer and an associated artist of Aldes, whose solo T.I.N.A. is a sort of confrontation, with ironic and oneiric forays, between the personal and social spheres.

Natalia Casorati / Artistic Director
organized by Mosaico Danza Cultural Association

Together with

Rete Anticorpi XL

Rete Anticorpi XL is a network of festivals, shows, and seasons involving 32 operators from 15 regions in Italy.

CQD – CIUDADES QUE DANZAN / International network of dance in urban landscapes

This Network has over 40 partners from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, Belgium, and Sweden.


International European network for supporting the mobility of young choreographers with the Glob Théâtre/Bordeaux (FR) - INTERPLAY Festival/Turin (IT) – National Dance Center/Bucarest (RO) - Chapter/Cardiff (UK) - Theaterwerkplaats Generale Oost /Arnhem (NL) - new partners as of 2017> SIN Cultural Centre (Budapest, Hungary) + National Palace of Culture (Sofia, Bulgaria) + ALT@RT, z.u (Prague, Czech Rep)

Over the years, the INTERPLAY festival has received support from the European Commission for the open call Europa Cultura, MiBACT - Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Piedmont Region, City of Turin, City of Moncalieri, San Paolo Banking Company, CRT Foundation, Torinodanza/Teatro Stabile di Torino Foundation, Piedmont Live Foundation /Steam Laundry, and from several embassies for the support of international companies.

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