Turin turns again into the centre of international contemporary dance with Interplay/14 International Contemporary Dance Festival. Directed by Natalìa Casorati and organized by Mosaico Danza, the 2014 edition presents a rich program with 22 companies and 70 artists from Europe, Canada and Israel.

The Festival takes place both into the heart and the suburbs of the city, on the post-industrial stage of Fonderie Teatrali Limone and thanks to the interaction with Castello di Rivoli's architecture. It presents the most extraordinary young contemporary performers, seen at the latest international platforms, chosen by popular networks, winners of important dance awards, among them: Roy Assaf, Sharon Fridman, Itamar Serussi, MK, Daniele Albanese, Cristina Rizzo, Giulio D'Anna...and many more.
Our aim – Director Casorati explains – is to offer a new point of view on dance-authors, filling the gap between contemporary audience and contemporary dance, knowing that we are dealing with a genre full of contradictions, richness, vulnerability, unusual beauty and, most of all, requiring attention”.

Contemporary dance choses modernity and survives, challenging physical limits and exploring its boundaries: Interplay/14 moves around economic crises, bringing out new partnerships, sharing projects and becoming a point of reference among the most interesting Italian and international contemporary networks. The Festival is unique on the national scenario thanks to a thick and widespread network of co-productions and co-operations: Dance Roads, Les Reperages, Ciudades Que Danzan, the Italian network Anticorpi XL, the partnership with Torino Danza Festival directed by Gigi Cristoforetti, along with Piemonte dal Vivo Foundation – Circuito Regionale dello Spettacolo and Palcoscenico Danza by Paolo Mohovic, and also the collaboration with Dams – University of Turin and Holden School of Storytelling and Performing Arts, explaining why Interplay/14 is considered to be an unmatched opportunity for dance lovers.

The Festival inaugurates the 21st May at Teatro Astra with the young talented Israeli choreographer ROY ASSAF and his new creation: The Hill, inspired by a Jewish song about the Six Days War. The stage is shared with the Israeli prizewinning choreographer SHARON FRIDMAN and his explosive mix of Israeli and Spanish folklore, contemporary dance and ballet. At Interplay/14 he presents his national première Free Fall, with eight performers on stage exploring one of the most important feature of human nature: the struggle for existence.

The heart of the Festival is between 26th and 31st May at the post industrial venue of Fonderie Teatrali Limone (Moncalieri – Turin): a five day-program with excellent choreographers, a calendar which bets on a new generation of artists able to tell the audience about contemporary reality with a new and original perspective.

The 26th May opens with a great national première and amazing performance Mono, a work for six dancers created by the Israeli-Dutch choreographer ITAMAR SERUSSI: itineraries and choices which lead every man to the creation of something new, going beyond limits and dance traditional language with humor and improvisation. The date is shared with the young Norwegian choreographer LUDVIG DAAE, deeply interested in live show entertaining aspects. With his performance MM he creates a virtual duet with himself, encouraging the audience to observe him while he interacts with his clone and showing everybody that dance is not static nor theoretical.

The 27th May Interplay/14 presents three Italian realities, to promote and support award-winning national choreographers, with an eye on emerging talents and their distinctive originality. MK will open with their new creation: ROBINSON. Since 2000 the company is studying innovative performances, choreographies and music chosen by the most important international festivals. After them, it is the turn of GIORGIA NARDIN, young performer who is becoming well known as one of the most interesting realities on the national stage. She is at Interplay/14 with his work Dolly, show selected at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013'Italian Showcase. The evening goes on with MANFREDI PEREGO and Grafiche del Silenzio, a performance where the body dances like a graphic sign, a design in movement.

The 29th e 30th May the Festival continues with six companies, among them the artists selected by the international network DANCE ROADS, with Mosaico Danza as unique Italian partner. Since 25 years, the network involves partners from France, The Netherlands, UK and Italy, together with the Canadian organization Tangente. The main aim of the network is to broaden its range of activity and strengthen its support of artists by deepening the methodology in the production of cultural works and give greater focus to inter-cultural dialogue and exchange between artists, presenters, countries and cultures. The DANCE ROADS TOUR is a project funded with support from the European Commission (EACEA CULTURE PROGRAMME 2007-2013 / STRAND 1.2.1 COOPERATION PROJECTS). The five choreographers selected this year for a virtual journey around the young creativity are: TEILO TRONCY from France, with Je ne suis pas Permanent, JASPER VAN LUIJK from The Netherlands with Quite Discontinuous, SARAH BRONSARD from Canada with Ce qui émerge après (4Kg), the Italian ANDREA GALLO ROSSO from Turin, finalist at Equilibrio Award 2014 in Rome with I meet you... If you want; and JO FONG from UK with Dialogue - A double Act, selected this year for the renown British Dance Edition 2014.
Among them, the guest star DANIELE ALBANESE, award-winner dancer and choreographer who studied with Steve Paxton and Lisa Klaus, internationally well known for his talent. He presents his new work D.o.g.m.a., project focused on the relationship between man and nature, intimacy and external space, a feminine dialogue between light and dark.

The 31st May Interplay/14 becomes part of the city with Metropolitan Blitz: six of the most important names of national and international urban dance perform in the heart of Turin, Piazza Vittorio Veneto. They bring their emotional intensity, their technical virtuosity presenting to the audience a new concept of urban landscape and contemporary dance. The protagonists are: JORDI VILASECA, Catalan dancer with a great stage presence, ENTOMO EA&AE, Spanish duet made by Elias Aguilar e Alvaro Esteban with their award performance Entomo, the acrobatic show by the trio performing VIENE E VA, choreography by GIOVANNI LEONARDUZZI. With them, three artists who already performed at Interplay during the last editions of the Festival: TECNOLOGIA FILOSOFICA with YY, a work that brightly explores the loving dimension of homosexual relationships, ANDREA GALLO ROSSO and MANOLO PERAZZI, with the physical work No Habla created during a process of Shared Residency, and SARA MARASSO with No Strings Attached #3.
The program continues at Fonderie Limone with two of the multi-awarded, most important and interesting realities on the contemporary national stage: Cristina Rizzo and Giulio D'Anna, both selected by NID Platform in 2014. CRISTINA RIZZO studied in New York at Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and she is a founding member of Kinkaleri. Her performance, La Sagra della Primavera, has been defined as "the most extreme show of the past ten years" (Hystrio, March 2013). It is an intense and amazing performance which challenges the usual passive condition of the audience. GIULIO D'ANNA is working as independent choreographer between The Netherlands and Italy. After the world tour of his latest work Parkin'Son, he presents O O O O O O O O, project winner of Anticorpi XL CollaborAction 2013 Award, a new prize born with the co-operation and supervision of Mosaico Danza.

The Festival ends the 7th June at Castello di Rivoli (Turin), one of the most important national contemporary art museums and wonderful example of architecture of the House of Savoy. In the afternoon, Interplay hosts an extraordinary performance by the French vertical dance company RETOURAMONT, Environnement Vertical: challenging gravity and playing with uprightness, the choreographer Fabrice Guillot starts a dialogue between the dancers and the architecture with stunning dynamism. Staring at the sky, the audience has the chance to stop for a moment, enjoy and think. Moreover, the Italian choreographer DANIELE NINARELLO presents E/MOTION - Attraverso le sensazioni, a performance for ten dancers born after a deep and challanging workshop experience.

The Festival supports a project for the development of young audience: YC4D / Youngest Critics for Dance, in partnership with the on line magazine Krapp's Last Post and some high school students from Alfieri High School in Turin. The project, born in 2013, was designed to bring young students to contemporary dance performances, developing new writing and critical skills. In fact, they have been given the chance to watch the performances and write critical articles which are then published on a specifically designed blog.

Interplay is organized by Mosaico Danza, and the Art Director Natalia Casorati.


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