The second season of the INSIDE/OFFContemporary Dance Works in Progress series‚ directed by Natalia Casorati will continue with two dates at the end of January (28/29)‚ and tahanks to sponsorship from the Piedmont Region‚ the City of Turin and the CRT Foundation. Aimed at supporting the Region’s young choreographers‚ Inside\off is organized in close collaboration with the partners of the network activated in recent years through the contemporary dance festival INTERPLAY/09 and takes place from the end of September until mid−June.

Each evening hosts a local choreographer and a guest choreographer proposed by the network‚ thus offering the chance for works from our territory to have the opportunity of regional and international comparison.
The young choreographers are invited to show their work in the form of a study‚ a sort of stop along the creative path‚ offering them the possibility after the performance of discussing their work with the audience‚ experts and the organizers hosting them. Moreover‚ following the last season’s great success the evenings will covered by the group of young critics‚ ALTRE VELOCITA’‚ ( who coordinate the evenings.

This year‚ the project has been broadened and as well as the “home guests” other productions from the TOUR will be included in the program: that is to say‚ the companies of Turin that we support so that they can show their work in the tour’s events organized in other cities and countries.
And there is the hospitality addressed to those companies that need a CREATIVE RESIDENCY so as to be able to work steadily on a new creation. Officially inaugurated in October ’08‚ this project gives these companies the opportunity of utilizing our space‚ enabling work on a study of the new creation with continuity as to days and hours‚ and which will then be presented to the public in the calendar of Inside/off events.

We wish to point out the collaboration that has been created with La Piattaforma Teatrocoreograficotorinese&co (The Platform)‚ directed by Mariachiara Raviola and Paola Colonna‚ as to the choregraphic proposals inserted into Inside/Off’s sector: “Guest Productions”‚ with regards to companies coming from other Regions of Italy. The works that these two organizers select as the most interesting will be included in the Platform’s programming‚ thus giving emergent artists the possibility of presenting a finished work‚ after the first of Work in Progress phase of Inside/off.


The series’ first two events were on Tour in Ravenna (Sept. 17 and 20) for the project conceived and organized by the ANTICORPI XL network‚ made up of important organizations that have worked for years on supporting and circuiting live performances‚ with special attention given to emergent contemporary dance‚ and which has organizational partners in 8 Italian Regions. The Cultural Association Mosaico and the two series of events it organizes − Inside\off and the Interplay festival − these companies represent Piedmont. The choreographers from Piedmont chosen to participate in the Young Dance Showcase in were Aldo Torta and Stefano Botti of the Tecnologia Filosofica Company and young Eleonora Ariolfo in Parole Mute.

The third event on Nov. 4 was an open rehearsal of the young choreographer Helen Cerina in Occhi di Bambola‚ following the CREATIVE RESIDENCY in our performance space for 15 days at the end of Oct. – beginning of Nov−’08.

The fourth and fifth events will be on January 28 and 29‚ ’09‚ featuring four companies who will present their new work−in−progress: Erika De Crescenzo with the study Queenz and Daniele Ninarello in Coded’uomo‚ and each evening includes another performance by a guest company from another Italian region or from abroad. The guest choreographers include one from France‚ proposed by the Center Etudes Choregraphiques in Strasburg: Claire Buisson with the production Immersive Theatre and the other is from Puglia‚ proposed by the person in charge of dance in the circuit of Puglia’s Public Theatre‚Gemma di Tullio‚ also a partner of the ANTICORPI XL network: Francesca Giglio and Maristella Tanzi in Partitura Privata.

The appointments will always continue in this formula: Creative Residency‚ the Tour dates and the performance hosted at the end of June.

The sixth evening will be on February 27th following a creative residency offered to the young choreographers from Turin‚ Eleonora Ariolfo and Fabrizio Variale. At 6:30 p.m. they will present their first study with the formula “Open Rehearsal + Aperitif”‚ an occasion to get to know the authors and express an opinion regarding the work in progress.

The seventh evening is on Tour‚ where for approximately one week starting on March 22 we will be hosted by the French festival Les Réperages di Lille with the production Solo Carta by Sara Marasso. The festival is organized by the Dance CDC in Lille − Roubaix\Lille (FR) directed by Catherine Dunoyer and involves various organizers from 15 different countries‚ and of which we are the only Italian partner. Sara Marasso’s Solo Carta‚ also chosen for the Inter−Regional Dance Spaces ’09 project‚ held in Campania‚ Lazio and Piedmont‚ made possible with contributions from the Ministry of Cultural Goods and Activities in collaboration with the ETI‚ willbe presented in Turin as well‚ during the days with events organized by the Piedmont Region’s Council of Culture.

On April 23‚ the eighth evening will host two companies in its performance space (at 9:00 p.m. as usual) – Chiara Rosenthal from Turin in Instanbul 1:26 am and Giacomo Bia from Milan in Details Loss‚ a group proposed by the critic Elisa Guzzo Vaccarino and Cristina Milioni.

The series will conclude on June 11th at 9:00 p.m. at our performance space‚ with the presentation of a study by a group from Umbria‚ directed by the choreographer Claudia Franceschini‚ selected also for the choreographic residency for creating the study of her new show Serendipity. The company was proposed by the person in charge of dance for the circuit of Umbria’s Teatro Stabile: Gerarda Ventura‚ who is also a partner of the Anticorpi XL network. In the same evening Andrea Gallo‚ a choreographer from Turin‚ will present his study for SE’ opera in evoluzione.