In the new performance spaces of its headquarters‚ Mosaico Cultural Association organizes the dance series INSIDE/OFF contemporary dance − work in progress‚ a project that takes place along with the INTERPLAY FESTIVAL‚ taking its cue from the appointments that closed the last two editions (Simona Bertozzi and Barbara Uccelli – Interplay 06 and Valentina Buldrini – Interplay 07).

The encounters offer the possibility and opportunity for an extra−regional and international artistic comparison of the situations in our territory‚ establishing close connections through the networks activated by the Association for the circuiting of young emergent choreography. Each evening will host a choreographer from our region and a choreographer chosen from the networks with whom INTERPLAY FESTIVAL has made a synergetic connection; the two international ones (Dance Roads‚ Les Reparages of Lille) and the national networks (9 festivals of Artisitc Sharing and AnticorpiX‚ in collaboartion with 5 Italian regions).

The choreographers from our region have been selected among those belonging to the association INDACO (Contemporary Dance Ensemble which now brings together 18 various situations). Founded recently in Turin‚ INDACO unites various existent professional situations operating in the sector of the creation and diffusion of contemporary dance‚ considering this definition to mean‚ containing a language in continuous artistic evolution‚ subject to multi−disciplinary contamination.

The young choreographers are invited to present their new creations under the form of a study; a novelty with respect to the other usual festivals is the possibility of opening up a table of concert‚ a dialogue or confrontation between the choreographer and those working in the field‚ critics‚ audience members and other guest choreographers‚ after each performance. From this viewpoint‚ the whole series of events will be accompanied by the critical support of the group “Altre Velocità” (Other Speeds)‚ militant young critics who follow the emergent Italian dance festivals.

The INSIDE/OFF evenings will happen from mid−November until the end of May‚ often intersecting with other events organized by the Association.

The inaugural evening on November 15th will host the Turinese choreographer Eleonora Ariolfo. She studied at Teatro Nuovo in Turin and the Academy of Rotterdam‚ has participated in and won various choreographic competitions such as DanzaEstate 03 – Florence and International Dance Week in Spoleto; she has been a member of companies including Il Cantiere‚ D.E.A.‚ Egribiancodanza (Turin)‚ Small Neptune‚ T. Brookhorst and M. Jongewaard (Amsterdam). She is the Italian representative in the Dance Roads network. The second guest is the French choreographer Gilles Veriepe. He received his diploma from the Conservatoire Nationale Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in Paris in 1991. He has danced the choreography of Maguy Marin‚ Domenique Bagouet‚ Claude Brumachon...; and is a member of the Centre Choréographique National de Caen and the Centre Choréographique National d’Aiz en Provence. He currently teaches at the Centre Choréographique National Carolyn Carlson in Roubaix at Balletteatro of Porto (Portugal)‚ D.A.N.C.E. of the CNSM in Lyon; and has been proposed by Les Reparages Danse of Lille.

Eleonora Ariolfo will present a study of a show chosen for the project Dance Roads‚ the network of 5 countries: Luxemburg with CCCL‚ Great Britain with WID‚ Slovenia with Cankarjev Dom Culture‚ Canada with Tangente and us‚ with Interplay. The project foresees that each member of the organization‚ together with the other partners‚ will organize a tour of about a month and a half for the choreographers who are selected‚ which will include a performance held on the premises of the structures in every country participating in the project. An extremely rare occasion for promoting the circuiting of the young choreographers and conferring major visibility of their performances. All of the companies invited will arrive in Italy on Feb. 20–21 and will present their shows at the Sala Espace in Turin. On this occasion‚ as proposed by the Region/Indaco‚ two choreograhers‚ Sara Marasso and Paola Chiama will be hosted.

The French choreographer Gilles Veriepe‚ has been proposed by Les Reparages‚‚ a renown festival held in Lilles and with which Interplay Festival is the Italian partner. Every year in March‚ the “International Meeting of Choreography” is held in Lille‚ where it’s possible to see all the choreographic productions selected by the organizers of the international festivals that participate in the project.

The second evening is on November 16th‚ and there will be two guest choreographers: Fabiana Ricca (Turin) studied with Pietra Selva Nicolicchia‚ Claude Coldy‚ Paolo Grassi’s Atelier of TeatroDanza in Milan‚ Teatro Nuovo in Turin‚ Michele Lucenti‚ Domenico Castaldo‚ Beppe Rosso‚ Paola Zecca‚ Fabrizio Pagelia‚ Mariella Fabbris‚ Julie Stanzak... she has participated in the festivals Piattaforma and Lavori in Pelle 07; and Michela Minguzzi (Ravenna)‚ who received her diploma from the academy of dance and choreography Van Artez School in Holland. She has attended courses of Laban technique and has studied with teachers including David Zambrano‚ Kurt Koegul and Sasha Ramos‚ and has presented her work at many national and international festivals. That is to say‚ the two who were selected from all the choreographers who participated in the competition Anticorpi XL and who were then chosen for the showcase “LAVORI IN PELLE” in Alfonsine (Emilia Romagna).

The network Anticorpi XL was created in the spring of 2007‚ taking its shape from the enlargement of the ANTICORPI network‚ founded in the Emilia Romagna region by the most attentive cultural workers and organizers‚ and is coordinated by the Cantieri Danza Association‚ which has made its “containers” and its own artistic and organizational professionality available to all‚ and who has promoted and supported young Italian dance groups‚ with particular attention given to independent regional companies.
As of this year‚ the project has involved partners of other Italian regions (Lazio‚ Marche‚ Veneto‚ Emilia Romagna and Piedmont) in a project that wishes to promote young Italian Dance‚ by means of an attentive operation of support and formation of young choreographers‚ and Interplay is Piedmont’s partner.

The third appointment is on December 14th and hosts the choreographer Leonardo Diana. After studies with renown figures of contemporary dance such as Franco di Francescantonio‚ Gabriella Bartolomei‚ Susanne Linke‚ RichardHhaisma‚ Micha Van Hoecke and Tanya Khabarova‚ he has created this first solo which is a project in collaboration with Fabbrica Europa‚ Santarcangelo Festival dei Teatri; Giardino Chiuso (Closed Garden)/ Teatro dei Leggieri‚ San Gimignano; Officina Giovani – Cantieri Culturale ex Macello‚ Prato‚ the Councillorship of Culture and Youth Politics of the City of Prato‚ and is proposed by the Fabbrica Europa Festival of Florence‚ one of the eight festivals with which Interplay does artistc sharing‚ with a view to support and promote the new Italian dance.

The other guest is Stefania Lo Maglio‚ who studied with Claude Coldy‚ Carla Perotti‚ Danio Manfredini‚ Tadashi Endo‚ Ko Murobushi‚ Masaki Iwana and Carlotta Ikeda. She has danced in: “Riflessi” (Claude Coldy)‚ “Progetto 900” (Doriana Crema)‚ “Il giardino delle delizie” (Maurinne Fleming)‚ “L’infanta avvelenata” (“Poisoned Child”) by Valeriano Gialli‚ “Migration” (Tadashi Endo and Bishop Yamada) and “rbmk” (Claudio Conti). She is the regional proposal of Indaco.

The fourth appointment will take place at Teatro Espace in Turin and will coincide with the appointments of the project Dance Roads: February 20 / 21‚ 2008‚ which we’ve spoken of previously.

The fifth appointment will be held on March 21‚ 2008‚ and will host the group AGARTHARANDAGIO – Elisa Canessa and Francesco Manenti. They received their diplomas from the school of Formazione Professionale in Noveau Cinque in Bologna‚ have studied martial arts and contact improvization with D. Heitkamp and Benno Voorham after attending workshops with Sosta Palmizi. Their shows have been presented at the Lavori in Pelle Festival in Alfonsine and Cantieri Teatri Koreja‚ and in particular‚ the performance “Esercizi” (Exercises) was produced by Tir Danza – and they have been proposed by Armunia Festival in Castiglionecello‚ one of the eight festivals of artistic sharing with which Interplay is involved. The second half of the evening will host the presentation of a new study by Gabriella Cerritelli – she has studied with Zigmund Molik‚ Yoshi Oida‚ Mamadu Dioumé‚ Eugenio Allegri‚ Elsa Wollenston‚ Koffi Koko‚ Irene Tassembedo‚ Eneida Castrro‚ Luki Zebilla and Joseph Lee (Li Jingstong) and is proposed by the regional/Indaco.

The last appointment will be held within the Interplay Festival‚ on May 25‚ 2008 and will host the latest production by Sonia Brunelli‚ the choreographer who won the GD’A ’06 award and was a guest at the festivals in Dro ’07 and B−Motion Bassano Body Motion ’07 in Bassano del Grappa‚ along with a study by Aldo Torta‚ who has studued at the “London Contempoarary Dance School” in London‚ at “R. Hightower Center” in Cannes and the “Centre Choréographique de Montpellier” with J. Taffano; in 2004 he received his diploma in teaching “Danza Sensibile” − Coldy method. Since 2000‚ he is part of the company Tecnologia Filosofica where he is currently collaborating with S. Botti. Another guest will be Stefano Botti of the company Tecnologia Filosofica.