After the tour dates of the events in Ravenna organized by the ANTICORPI XL network (in which we represent the Piedmont Theatre Circuit )‚ where three companies from Turin performed in the Young Original Dance Showcase: Grimaco_movimentiumaniErika Di Crescenzo and the duo Paolo Amerio and Angela Rabaglio‚ since September several companies have been hosted in our performance space for a choreographic residency‚ confirming the usefulness of the project which offers opportunities and support for young choreographers in the new season of INSIDE/OFF contemporary dance work in progress.

On October 25th‚ the venue hospitality sector was inaugurated by two companies‚ the Pagani sisters from Turin and the duo
from Lombardy.
Once again‚ there will be two companies presenting the outcome of their residencies on November 14th‚ for the second event of Inside/Off‚ featuring Francesca Cola from Turin and her group of musicians playing live‚ and Paola Ponti from Emilia Romagna.

According to the latest planning model‚ all the groups hosted by Inside/Off may make use of a creative residency for seven days at our performance space‚ and may take advantage of having some feedback during their residency. The moment of confrontation will continue in the evening of the open rehearsal‚ involving the audience and the host organization.

A project that is rare as to its specificity‚ Inside/Off is trying to offer diverse opportunities for growth through multiple actions to the young actualities of our area. With sponsoring from the Piedmont Region‚ the City of Turin and the CRT Foundation‚ Inside/Off confirms its role as a reference point in the panorama of young original choreography‚ not only for the artists from Piedmont‚ to whom its attention is mainly directed‚ but also to young people from the entire country and Europe‚ always trying to build new partnerships with those cultural entities interested in experimenting with new contemporary artistic languages.

As always‚ Inside/Off is an appendix of the contemporary dance festival INTERPLAY (a festival devoted to the new contemporary dance scene with an international outlook‚ having reached 11 editions)‚ each year creating new projects and collaborations‚ both national and international‚ for the support and mobility of the young original dance with performance events at our location‚ at site-specific events in other areas - for example‚ this year also at the Merz Foundation - with performances touring the festivals and events in Italy and abroad of the partners of the networks with whom we collaborate.

Unique projects and diversified in actions that are difficult to summarize concisely‚ also because of the very multi-specificity that characterizes them. But which we shall briefly distinguish as to four types of projects that run throughout the year from September to June‚ specifically aimed at young independent dance.
On the one hand‚ there is financial support for new creations and the extra-regional and international mobility; on the other‚ the offer of choreographic residencies at our location and at the venues of the national and international choreographic centers we collaborate with‚ with the possibility of publicly presenting their work still in a stage of work in progress... in order to receive feedback during their creative process.

The latest news‚ which we want to highlight because it’s practically nonexistent in Italy‚ is the shared residency. The project has been conceived and created in collaboration with other national and international choreographic centers‚ in order to provide an opportunity for choreographers living in Piedmont to work in creative harmony for a period established with the other choreographers living in other countries or other regions... This has taken place with the Correios Em Movimento Festival in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil‚ which hosted several Italian choreographers whom we support‚ many of them from Turin (Aldo Torta‚ Stefano Botti‚ Ambra Senatore‚ Daniele Ninarello..). It also happened with the Trois-C choreographic center of Luxembourg‚ the choreographic center Tanztendenz in Munich and with the DanceHouse DanceEast in the United Kingdom.

Also in Italy‚ in 2011\12‚ there will be a residency exchange for two young choreographers (Andrea Gallo Rosso from Turin and Elena Giachetti from Reggio Emilia) with the Cantieri Association in Ravenna‚ in which the first part will take place in Parma (Europa\Teatri) and then be continued in the spring in Turin‚ at our performance space. With a public presentation of the outcome of the two residencies on March 20th.

The last spring’s dates will involve two young choreographers that come from two important international realities: from France Beryl Breuil‚ trained in Paris at Royaumont Fondation and at the centre research Mains d’Oeuvres‚ will present her studio on April 24th. The next appointment will be with Alice Dixon and Caroline Meaden from the choreographic centre Dancehouse in Melbourne (Australia): they will be our guests on June 12th with Studio for In the Perifery.
The last residency 2011\2012 will be offered from June 22th until 29th to the Italian choreographer Caterina Inesi from Rome.

Naturally the projects abroad will continue with Brazil‚ Germany and Luxembourg... with the addition of the new collaboration with the choreographic center of DanceHouse in Melbourne‚ Australia‚ one of the first centers for the support of independent dance‚ directed by Natalie Curio.

Brazil Summer 2011

Project carried out with the collaboration of the festivals CORREIOS EM MOVIMENTO and DANCA EM TRANSITO / coordinated by the CDPD Choreographic Center in Rio de Janeiro
With Daniele Albanese‚ Ambra Senatore‚ Daniele Ninarello‚ Simona Bertozzi‚ Aldo torta and Stefano Botti.