> Projects of good green practices

Mosaico Danza Association has tried to understand how to make the environmental emergency its own, a more current theme that requires an investment both from citizens and, above all, from Public Administrations, Companies and Associations. 
Turning away from the idea that artists have to change their poetics, creating shows on climate change to be included in our program in order to sensitize our audience to environmental issues, we have chosen to act directly.
We decided to act on the front line in the fight against pollution by INVESTING in green projects and to do so the Festival team undertook a careful market research, compared different platforms that put the environment and the reduction of pollution at the center. And we made our #green choice.

Researchers and scientists have demonstrated that to save the Planet, every inhabitant of the Earth should plant a tree. We have decided to start here.

We met with the organizers of TREEDOM and BIOFARM, who support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations Development Program to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all, as part of a new agenda for sustainable development. TREEDOM and BIOFARM have among their aims those of reabsorbing CO2, increasing green areas and encouraging the work of small farmers in Italy and worldwide. All trees are good for the environment: they absorb CO2, emit oxygen, promote biodiversity and much more.
Specifically, TREEDOM supports the planting of trees in Asia, Africa, South America and Italy, contributing to the achievement of 10 objectives to guarantee a sustainable future. BIOFARM supports small Italian farms by helping farmers, inviting citizens to adopt one and more fruit trees. With INTERPLAY festival, Mosaico Danza has purchased and adopted 25 trees, by joining both TREEDOM and BIORFARM platforms, we have contributed overall to reducing 8 tons of CO2.

We are very keen to make audience, citizens and artists aware of the possibility of MAKING A DIFFERENCE, also joining the projects of the two platforms. 
Thanks to these collaborations, it will be possible to encourage and support environmental projects at local, national and international level, also aimed at supporting biodiversity and respecting work ethics.

Each initiative will be shared and promoted by the Festival through the hashtag #INTERPLAYGREEN.

Follow our progress on TREEDOM

Follow our progress on BIORFARM