Landmark not only in the city of Turin, but also in the Italian scenery for passionate about the young international contemporary dance, INTERPLAY comes back in spring 2020 for its 20th edition, a significant stage in a long and fond path in support of young dance, “the language of the contemporary” and young emerging talents.  From the 20th to the 30th of May, two weeks of Festival with the best Italian and International talents, with companies from 14 different nations, with more than 100 artists from all over the world.

23 companies for DEBUTS, SITE SPECIFIC CREATIONS and NEW GENERATIONS alongside more FAMOUS GROUPS, as to testimony different stylistic and poetic choices and different choreographic paths. A window over the present art, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes dreamlike or ironic, of which Interplay follows and shares the orientations, creating a chance of visibility. In this edition a recurrent theme is the challenge, the competition seen as a race for supremacy, necessary to prove to be alive, to resist and assert self, only to reveal the weakness and fragilities of the individuals, against a system that often that often leaves you on the margins of society and which hardly welcomes and recognizes you as part of the system itself.

Challenge against the world and its systems that make competition a modus vivendi.

Challenge through the dramatic and spectacular anger in “Sopra di me il diluvio” (“Above me the flood”) by ENZO COSIMI, a work inspired by the contemporary and painful relation between men and nature, but also through the provocation in the ironic supremacy for an impossible absolute beauty in “Graces” by SILVIA GRIBAUDI. Competition in the repetitive and hypnotic dance by the Nordic ARNO SCHUITEMAKER and in the virtual battles for physical supremacy in the work by MARIO COCCETTI, or for economic supremacy in the duet by Lithuanian Belgian VILMA PITRINAITE. And yet, the fight against loneliness in a world that wants you different from who you are in the Russian duet FARFORYO, but also the strong competition in the performance by the Vietnamese TU HOANG, where the relation’s dynamic triggers a race for the victory, with the consequent birth of new barriers. As well as in SARA SGUOTTI’s solo, which challenges the audience’s gaze by creating spectator-friendly dance, and the challenge of CHIARA BERSANI who, 98 cm tall, self-proclaims Unicorn’s flesh, muscles and bones and gives us on stage a lonely song where, in her constant challenge to life as a “disabled” performer, she gives herself to her fragile and uprooted imaginary animal.

But also the challenge in facing the open sea to reach an “ideal place”, a theme touched by the Spanish choreographer ASIER ZABALETA, and then the energy of the young boys, represented by the ARNAU PEREZ trio, in “Young Blood” to whom the society, the violent one of the suburbs, does not allow for prosperity.

A continuous fight against the injustices that FEDERICA POZZO describes in the Dance mini-pill “Rabbia da salotto”.

Following, the great challenge faced by the 4 young choreographers of the show “Who Cares? Ecologia del dialogo” (“Who Cares? Ecology of dialogue”) in the project SEDIMENTI, all artists from different countries (some of whom have known the violence of the war) who work on the theme of ecology, environmental disasters and the positive force of the community, an increasingly current topic. Environment and nature are recurring themes also in DEWEY DELL’s work, live concerts where powerful music is completely at the service of the choreographic language. Revealing and therefore challenging our socio-economic system, here is shamelessly judged, is the matter of the ironic work of CARLO MASSARI of the C&C. The young Singaporean AMELIA CHONG tests herself with the singular “Namuh“, of which she creates choreography and music, celebrating the infinite possibilities, ambiguity and complexity of the human body. Through “Posare il tempo” (“Lay down the time”), CLAUDIA CATARZI fights over time and reflects on the organic matter of the body to the rhythm of live percussion. Instead, IKER GOMEZ and TARDITO / RENDINA face the “classic themes”; Gomez’s NOWHERE THEATER Company revisits  “The Swan Lake”, bringing it into the city and in a very contemporary key, while TARDITO / RENDINA COMPANY brings their cult show on stage: “Gonzago’s Rose” (1999), a “classic” love story colored with delicate irony and tragedy, which celebrates 20 years of replicas. “Manbuhsa” by PABLO GIROLAMI challenges men by exploring the animal world. And finally the most disruptive challenge, the one of the young protagonists of “To da bone“, with 11 dancers from all over Europe, selected for their passion by the choreographers among those who live and experiment on the edge of the scene, in order to tell us about their struggle to emerge and establish themselves in the anonymous suburbs of the big cities.

INTERPLAY20 / 20, every day, for two weeks: performances in theater and spread throughout the city. InDoor and OutDoor dances as an engine of audience development, because it is the show that meets the spectator and takes him from the square to the theater, the show as a springboard for connections with new stages. The widespread section of Interplay will reach heterogeneous places: from the shopping center in the suburbs, a meeting place for different generations and social classes, to the University passing through various places of art, from the GAM and the Galleria d’arte NOIRE, moving between metropolitan and traditional stages.

This year the stages are enriched with a new space, the CUBO Teatro, which joins the 3 theaters usually used. For the urban dance section, always in line with the public training projects, shows by well-known international and national companies will alternate with performances with professional and non-professional dancers, directed by well-known choreographers, for a project of choreographic inclusion.

Short performances, site specific dance mini pills, exportable in unusual urban contexts. On stage the dancers of the NOD-Nuova Officina per la Danza, reference point in Europe for the diffusion of the great choreography, led by the choreographers LUCIA MORETTI and the German SITA OSTHEIMER, and the amateur dancers who follow the Laboratorio di Ricerca e Composizione “Il Corpo Intuitivo” (Research and Composition Laboratory “The Intuitive Body”), led by DANIELE NINARELLO.

To inaugurate INTERPLAY on the 20th May at CASA DEL TEATRO beauty, sculpture and nature. That is, the ingredients of the new work by SILVIA GRIBAUDI – Dance & Dance Award 2019 as Italian Production, winner of the action of the AnticorpiXL network, CollaborAction # 4 – inspired by the sculptor Antonio Canova and his work between 1812 and 1817. What is beauty? How does it manifest? The three Graces have become a neoclassical aesthetic canon, but above all they embody joy, splendor and prosperity. Silvia Gribaudi’s language continues her research on the time of humor and the seriousness of the gesture, on the laughter that comes from a methodical study and on the dedication to body shapes. The show is in line with Gribaudi’s poetics, which makes use of a constant search for comparison and inclusion with the social and cultural fabric where the performances develop. His artistic language was born from the encounter between dance and irony, raw and empathic.

After the successes of “A Corpo Libero” (2009) and ” R.OSA_10 esercizi per nuovi virtuosismi ” (2017), SILVIA GRIBAUDI creates a show for four young performers, continuing their research on the aesthetic, social and intellectual value of humor and body.

The evening is shared with the Belgian company of VILMA PITRINAITE, Lithuanian artist living in Brussels, who ironically investigates the contradictions of contemporary society. The duet “MATCH2” reveals the face of competition, one of the characteristics that best delineates neoliberalism, determining not only the economic market, but also our work and our relationships which influence every aspect of our daily life. The show explores the competition through a grotesque display of ego and aggression, connecting the social, animal and national spheres together, in an exploration where competition shows its delicacy and brutality.

On May 21st the festival moves to CUBO TEATRO in the outskirts of Turin, with DEWEY DELL, returning at Interplay after years of absence, with a strong emotional impact show-concert. “Storm Atlas” is a live concert that aims to transliterate the meteorological change in a language composed of sound, movement and lights. In this cataloging process, different types of storms are crossed, for the creation of audiovisual paintings that trap their spirit. “Storm Atlas” has been presented in important Italian and international festivals: FOG FESTIVAL 2019 at Triennale Teatro in Milan, Centrale Fies at Dro (TN), Inteatro festival in Polverigi, Schaubühne Lindenfels of Leipzig in Germany, Verao Azul festival in Faro in Portugal and it will be presented in VIE festival in February 2020. Dewey Dell (Agata Demetrio, Teodora Castellucci and Eugenio Resta) is an Italian dance and research theater company based in Cesena, Berlin and Vilnius. In their works the choreography has a cutting style and a primitive glossary, constantly inspired and fed by images of the history of art and the animal kingdom.

The evening is shared with the touching performance of the young choreographer AMELIA CHONG, “Namuh“. The show was selected in Singapore thanks to the artistic exchanges of the project “Crossing The Sea / Boarding Pass Plus”, in line with the Italian Government’s opening to Asia as indicated in the memorandum of understanding between Italy and China. Amelia has explored various educational cultural contexts between Singapore, New Zealand and China. In 2016 she participated in the Short+Sweet festival in New Zealand (Dance section), where she was awarded as Standout Female Performer, and also received The Wallace Arts Trust Highly Commended award, for her choreographic solo “Duality”. In 2017 she was specifically commissioned to work for the Tempo Dance festival in New Zealand, as well as for “Four Leaps // One Point” by DyCypher Productions.

Between the two performances, the Dance mini-pill  by the Turin choreographer FEDERICA POZZO that brings to the stage “Rabbia da salotto“, where she tells the blind anger of four women on the verge of a nervous breakdown, a fight against injustice, a state of spirit that, although quickly fading, leaves an indelible trace.

In order to create new synergies between the public, the staff and the artists of the festival, at the end of the evening in the Off Topic spaces, close to Cubo Teatro, a Dancers’ Dinner will be organized: a sharing dinner to which everyone can join, artists and spectators.

On May 22nd at CASA DEL TEATRO, (LA)HORDE, a collective founded by Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel, presents “To da bone“, a work that aims to tell a dance born from the profound revolt of the youth who lives in the suburbs of the major cities of northern Europe. A dance inspired by the hardcore techno music scene of the 90s, that uses different styles ranging from Hard-Dance, to Tekstyle, passing through the Shuffle, the Hakken, but in particular the Jumpstyle, learned by posting videos on social networks and creating a system of virtual and real competitions between the reference communities. Young people share their solo routines online, exchanging styles and ideas, making communities emerge through social media. (LA)HORDE was founded in 2013 and wants to question the codes of different artistic disciplines, especially contemporary live art and the performing arts. At the direction of the Ballet National de Marseille since September 2019, they collaborate with the communities of individuals on the edge of the great scene, as a practice of solidarity art. They worked with groups of seventy-year-olds, blind performers, smokers and young people, in opposition to any form of hierarchy and cultural appropriation, they put themselves at the same level with performers.

Following two performances in short format with a totally different spirit. The new duet by CLAUDIA CATARZI “Posare il tempo”, where the protagonists are body and time. A body that splits or associates with a fellow human being, who experiments on himself, who reflects on his own organic matter and who explores his limits. The greatest interlocutor of the body is time: the flowing one, the one marked by percussions, the universal one understood as a human convention, the relative one that changes in relation to the context. Claudia Catarzi has danced for international companies such as the Micha Van Hoecke Ensemble, Constanza Macras’ Dorky Park, Iztok Kovac’s En-Knap Group, Yasmeen Godder and she was a guest of the Batsheva Dance Company. She dances for Sasha Waltz & Guests. She participated in Peter Greenaway’s short film “The Towers”. All these rich experiences led her to the creation of the solo “Qui, ora” in 2011, which was rewarded with numerous awards and selected among others for the Aerowaves Spring Forward Festival.

Then, in the OUT spaces of the theater, the duo of the young Russian choreographer EUGENIE MELENTYEV. “Loop” investigates the force of sharing with respect to individualism. The two dancers use a free style where strength and speed create a spiral, a harmonious vortex of movements that draw inspiration from the language of contemporary and breakdance.

On May 23 the dance comes out of the theaters and in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, with BLITZ METROPOLITANI/METROPOLITAN BLITZ section, which brings outdoors the best of urban dance both nationally and internationally.

MARIO COCCETTI of the S Dance Company, investigates, like many other guest choreographers, the theme of challenge and struggle. What do you need to win? What is victory if it sweeps away the dignity or meaning of the human being with a single gesture? In the choreographic action, the game of bodies arises from a spatial compositional criterion, developing from a constraint, a delimited space that becomes an element to be exploited and translated into lines, directions and figures on which the choreography acts. S DANCE COMPANY was born in March 2016, as Project S, from the idea of ​​the choreographer Mario Coccetti and is composed by the dancers Rocco Suma and Salvatore Sciancalepore; it is supported by: Teatro Comunale di Copparo, Teatro Due Mondi, Teatri di Vita, ITC Teatro, Cantieri Culturali Creativi, De Micheli Danza Festival e Hangartfest. The company won the audience award at Presente / Futuro Festival and a special jury mention at InDivenire festival. Among the most recent stops, the company was guested at the Gender Bender Festival in Bologna, Orlando Festival in Bergamo, FIND Festival in Cagliari and Festival Iguales in Madrid.

SEDIMENTI project created for Matera2019, “Who Cares? Ecologia del dialogo” is a collective show created by Bassam Abou Diab (Lebanon), Yeinner Chicas (Nicaragua / Spain), Olimpia Fortuni, Leonardo Maietto and the musician Stefano Zazzera (Italy), assembled under the Compagnia Sosta Palmizi. Sedimenti is a production process carried out in the spring of 2019 in four stages of artistic residence between Florence, Beirut, Ravenna and Matera, in which the creative process was supported by the sharing of bodily practices, the development of co-creation methodologies and the accompaniment and tutoring of curators and artists. The show is organized around the theme of ecology, so current today. Who cares about environmental disasters, community, culture, politics? ” Who Cares? Ecologia del dialogo ” is a co-created project in which four young choreographers and two musicians make their meeting the starting point for the construction of a performance, that revolves around the theme of the Anthropocene.

From Spain the performance “Meeting Point” signed by ASIER ZABALETA, who after working as a performer for several companies, in 2004 created ERTZA COMPANY, with the aim of finding a new space in which different artistic disciplines could collaborate with the physical expression. His works have been admired in China, the Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Russia, El Salvador, Mexico, Israel, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Mozambique, Spain and Portugal. He won the First Prize in the XMASDANZA Solo Contest, Canary Islands. With “Ego” he won the First Prize for Best Contemporary Choreography in Chelyabinsk (Russia) and was nominated for “Golden Mask of Russia” (National Russian Dance and Theater Awards) in the category of Best Contemporary Dance Production and Best Choreographer, and Max Price as Best Street Show with “Meeting point”, the show presented at Interplay.

The German SITA OSTHEIMER participates with “Yougen” at the 10-minute dance mini-pills signed by professional choreographers for amateur dancers. A specific research on improvisation and rhythm that questions the possibilities of rhythm itself, an instrument Sita uses to create a new language shared by the dancers on stage.

For the second week of the festival, on May 25t Interplay meets the University, bringing some of the performances presented in the section Blitz Metropolitani in Piazza Vittorio Veneto to the fascinating architectural spaces of the Politecnico di Torino along with 2 “Dance mini-pills” designed by DANIELE NINARELLO and SITA OSTHEIMER, in order to meet different audiences, but also to collaborate with the cattedra di tecnologia del cinema (cinema department) that will prepare a video report of the shows presented.

On May 26 TEATRO ASTRA will host the new creation of ARNO SHUITMAKER, one of the most interesting artists of the Northern European scene, which bases his research on the perception and dialogue between audience and performer. Through a radical integration of continuity, of perpetual movement with electronic music and light, his transdisciplinary performances expand the way we experience space and time. In October 2019, “The Way You Sound Tonight”, his latest work, received the VSCD best dance production award. Other widely acclaimed works are “Exit” (2009), “Tide” (2011), “The Fifteen Project | DUET “(2012),”I is an Other “(2014),” Together till the end “(2015), and the trilogy for three performers “While we strive “(2015),” I will wait for you “(2016 ) and “If You Could See Me Now” (2017).

Following, within projects open to Asian culture, the work of the young Vietnamese TU HOANG, with “Trial“, a duet that won important awards such as Special Mention from the Jury at the Masdanza Extended tour during the 24th edition of Masdanza , Audience First Choice award at Bern’s Tanzplattform in 2019, B.OOM festival production award at the Copenhagen International Choreography Contest.

Trial“, a duet where the protagonists move harmoniously together, the complexity of synchronicity seem inseparable. Small gestures and nervous actions collide in a friction that underlies the dynamics of the relationship. Barriers slowly begin to rise and gradually grow stronger. In fear of being right in front of a battle, the two men begin to compete against each other, using a gesture that combines contemporary and breakdance.

For the INTERPLAY DIFFUSO/SPREAD INTERPLAY section, on May 27 the festival moves to the suburbs, in two antithetical contexts, the shopping center and the art gallery. At 5.00 pm, in the square of PARCO DORA Shopping Center, a combination of postmodern architecture and commerce, together with the dance pills of the NOD boys, a ballet classic is presented, but in a contemporary disguise: “El pequen͂o lago de los cisnes” of the Spanish IKER GOMEZ. A reinterpretation of the classic The Swan Lake, where the classical score is accompanied by the contemporary movement, creating a completely new narrative. At first glance a melody that tastes of beauty, fragility, impossible love. But it hides a more essential meaning in the depths of its waters, it goes beyond the limits of known history and plunges into the premises of a new duality. The further we go into these waters, stripped of the original structure, the more the black and white reflections of the sky are explained by revealing truth and falsehood, collective and individual identity. As a choreographer Gomez has more than 25 creations behind him, for his company and for other professional companies, presented in different countries including Spain, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia and Greece. As an academic researcher, he is completing his doctoral thesis at the international research school Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid). Afterwards, FEDERICA POZZO returns with the second form of her Dance mini-pill.

The shows continue in the minimal spaces of Galleria d’arte NOIRE, with the particular performance by SARA SGUOTTI, a performance that was born for the public. It lives in the relationship with space, time and the people who decide to expose themselves. It is movement and is inspired by the influences of the surrounding world, creating infinite relationships. Sara Sguotti, a dancer-author since 2012, began her artistic career by attending the Accademia di Belle Arti in Frosinone continuing her studies at the Accademia of Florence. Since 2012 she begins to collaborate with the Virgilio Sieni Company as a dancer in the works “Sonate Bach”, Esercizi di Primavera”, “Dolce Vita”, “La Mer”, “La Sagra della Primavera”, “Il prigioniero e i 4 pezzi sacri”, “Le Bagnanti”, the new production “Metamorphosis” and in the various projects of the Accademia del Gesto and Biennale di Venezia Danza. In 2015 she began collaborating with the Anton Lachky Company in the work “Side Effects”. She starts working independently as a dance-author since 2017.

A great in the history of Italian dance, but still young and transgressive, always innovative and critical of systems, opens the evening on May 28 at TEATRO ASTRA: ENZO COSIMI, with the award-winning show “Sopra di me il diluvio”, winner the Danza & Danza award in 2014 as the best Italian production. A work on the Apocalypse, inspired by the painful relationship between Man and Nature in contemporary society, giving space to an art of choreography that contains a rigorous, experimental technical component, through which direct a reflection on the world in which we live. A lean, bony dance writing, an empty perceptual field in which you live in an unreal, visionary state. Score of gestures, movements, apparently simple but which bring back to the complexity of the work on the “presence”, on the performative act, on the perception of the nervous system at the expense of the muscular one. Enzo Cosimi is one of the most authoritative choreographer and director of contemporary Italian choreography, a guest of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan and of the Teatro Comunale in Florence, with his company he signed productions for the most prestigious international festivals and theaters, touring 4 continents and collaborating with artists of Italian and international excellence. In 2006 he signed the direction and choreography of the opening ceremony of the XX Winter Olympic Games in Turin 2006, starring the étoile Roberto Bolle and 250 performers.

The evening is shared with the show “Young Blood” for 3 interpreters, by the Spanish choreographer ARNAU PEREZ. A work that investigates the criticality of the new generations in our society, that generation endowed with energy, creativity and involvement, to which society does not allow it to thrive or delegate. We continually observe new currents, trends, new discourses of the “Young Blood” that are increasingly in line with the world in which we live. The show was awarded for best choreography at the 24th edition of the Masdanza, won the Jury Prize at the 32nd Madrid Choreographic Contest, giving the possibility to the choreographer Aranau Perez to travel overseas and present a site specific work in Washington DC in 2019 and to participate in the Choreographic Residence Program of the American Dance Festival.

On May 29, the festival pursues the mission of bringing dance to unusual spaces, moving to the GAM – Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Turin, programming site specific performances both in the In and Out spaces of the Museum. In the rooms of the 1900s the touching performance “Seeking Unicorns” by CHIARA BERSANI, UBU Prize 2019 as best new performer under 35 and First Prize 2019 for the dance category of the Total Theater Awards, selected in the prestigious Spring Forward ’19 festival by Aerowaves. Chiara Bersani is an Italian performer and author active in the sphere of Performing Arts, research theater and contemporary dance. Both as an interpreter and as a director / choreographer she moves through different languages ​​and visions. Her works, presented on international circuits, are born as creations in dialogue with spaces of different nature and are aimed primarily at an audience “close” to the scene. Her research as an interpreter and author is based on the concept of the Political Body and on the creation of practices aimed at training its presence and action.

In the OUT spaces of the Museum, in the fascinating ARENA PAOLINI, the performance by PABLO GIROLAMI, an artist selected by the Anticorpi XL 2019 Showcase and for the freshness of his choreographic research that combines the language of the most formal dance with the most theatrical expressionist. He was the only Italian artist selected by the Spanish network at Cielo Abierto for a 6-date tour in Spain. Pablo Girolami began his academic studies in 2009 at the Dance Academy Zürich, participated in TanzOlymp Berlin in 2012, winning the second prize, and in the Korea International Dance Competition where he won the third prize. In 2014 he started his professional career in Wiesbaden / Darmstadt with the Hessisches Staatsballett.

DANIELE NINARELLO‘s performance with the guys of the Laboratory the Intuitive Body closes the day for the Dance Mini-Pills.

On 30th May at LAVANDERIA A VAPORE, the festival closes with 3 shows in long and short format, in the name of that bitter irony with which usually closes the festival, but also hosting a pilot project. The MULTIDISCIPLINARY PERFORMANCE between the visual artist GOSIA TURZENIECKA and DANIELE NINARELLO, the Turin choreographer who has distinguished himself on the national scene for his choreographic and performative ability of great originality and consistency. Gosia Turzeniecka is a Polish artist born in Turin in 1974. Since 2003, his exhibitions have been numerous in Italy and abroad, in collective and individual exhibitions. Her beginnings in the early 2000s saw her use the engraving technique. It maintains the delicacy of the stroke of that technique which, however, over time evolves into a more immediate and synthetic restitution thanks to the use of watercolor. In recent years he has also dedicated himself to portraiture – real and imaginary – preferring the use of black and white, or soft pastel colors in the case of delicate urban and natural landscapes. In this context, the co-signed performance will transpose Daniele’s choreographic sign on the wall, through the manual skills and the graphic sign of Gosia. A work created instantly, but of which the mark will remain on the external walls of Lavanderia a Vapore.

In the evening “Les Miserables” by CARLO MASSARI, a ruthless and immoral fresco on today, a contemporary middle-class drama, which sounds familiar. A roundup of stereotypes, already seen, already said and acted. The theater of human misery: body and voice at the service of a painful chorus that echoes Aristophanes’ “Frogs”, perhaps an Offenbach operetta or even the famous Brechtian Opera. Staticity and immobility in response to the imminent, evident (physical, political, social, environmental …) collapse. A work that once again brings the company to investigate contemporary social issues, through an amphibious language of strong impact and a complex dramaturgical level in support of the work. Massari collaborates as performer with various realities including: Biennale di Venezia, Compagnia della Rancia, Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Balletto Civile, Compagnia Abbondanza / Bertoni and Cie PetriDish (BE). In 2011, with the artist Chiara Taviani, he founded the C&C Company, making numerous successful national and international productions debut.

To follow for the 20th edition of the festival in this 2020, we plan the show that launched the historic Turin company of Tardito / Rendina, in its 20th year of replication, the show “Gonzago’s Rose”.

A duo in which the dance language embraces the theatrical one, coloring a crackling love story with irony and tragedy. Become a cult show immediately, invited to numerous festivals in Italy and abroad: Drodesera / Centrale Fies, Volterrateatro, InCastro dance, Teatro Kismet Opera, Cantieri Koreja, Dansem, Contrappunti, Teatro delle Briciole, Fondamenta Nuove, Teatri 90 Festival delle Rocche, Teatri Invisibili, Dansem / Marseille festival and La Boite in Jouer / Bordeaux.


With a view to strengthening collaborations with local entities and sharing projects carried out in partnership, the festival crosses other realities by structuring common paths together. For example, collaborations with Teatro Stabile in Turin, specifically with the TORINODANZA FESTIVAL with which there has always been a close understanding, continuing the synergistic dialogue with Anna Cremonini’s new direction, to promote the emerging realities of the national and local territory in various national and international actions. From this year, responding to a desire that comes from the artists themselves, we want to enhance the support for young artists of the local and national territory, activating a RESIDENCE project created in synergy with Spain, aimed at increasing the opportunities for internationalization of Italian artists. The Spanish artists will be hosted in residence in Sala K of the Fonderie Limone, while the Italian artists will be hosted in residence at the El Graner choreographic center in Barcelona, ​​one of the most important in Spain, part of the Creation Factories program of the Barcelona City Council, directed by the Mercat de Les Flors, in collaboration with the Asociación de Profesionales de Danza de Cataluña (APDC) and the Asociación de Compañías Profesionales de Danza de Cataluña (ACPDC), member of the prestigious EDN network.

The collaboration with the PIEMONTE DAL VIVO FOUNDATION continues, not only for the initiatives of which we are common partners within Anticopri XL network, but also as a partner of the RTO for the Collegno’s Lavanderia a Vapore residences. Specifically, for the international residency initiatives, we collaborate for the ÉTAPE DANCE trilateral project, created with partners from France and Germany, with the mission of promoting the mobility of young artists in our area across Europe, facilitating intercultural dialogue, sharing creative processes and their formative growth, through Choreographic Residences in the respective countries and co-productive supports, aimed at new productions. The international partners are FABRIK POTSDAM and THEATER ET DE LA DANCE BUREAU in Berlin (DE), MAISON CDCN and THEATER DE NIMES (FR).

We renew the collaboration with the Casa del Teatro for the opening of INTERPLAY20 / 20, with TEATRO ASTRA directed by the TPE, Lavanderia a Vapore in Collegno and a new collaboration opens with CUBO TEATRO, developing the network and dialogue between the cultural bodies of Turin.

Always with the aim of sharing planning, but also economic resources aimed at an impact on the territory, we replicate the collaboration with the Palcoscenico Danza festival directed by Paolo Mohovich and the Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa / TPE. The aim is to support the co-production of a young choreographer from the local area, through the offer of residences, feedback during the creative process and production support, giving the opportunity to be programmed within our events. The choice this year is addressed to the young LUCIA MORETTI.

AN ECO-SUSTAINABLE FESTIVAL> good green practices

Mosaico Danza Association has tried to understand how to make the environmental emergency its own, a more current theme that requires an investment both from citizens and, above all, from Public Administrations, Companies and Associations.Turning away from the idea that artists have to change their poetics, creating shows on climate change to be included in our program in order to sensitize our audience to environmental issues, we have chosen to act directly.

We decided to act on the front line in the fight against pollution by INVESTING in green projects and to do so the Festival team undertook a careful market research, compared different platforms that put the environment and the reduction of pollution at the center. And we made our #green choice.

Researchers and scientists have demonstrated that to save the Planet, every inhabitant of the Earth should plant a tree. We have decided to start here.

We met with the organizers of TREEDOM and BIOFARM, who support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations Development Program to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all, as part of a new agenda for sustainable development. TREEDOM and BIOFARM have among their aims those of reabsorbing CO2, increasing green areas and encouraging the work of small farmers in Italy and worldwide. All trees are good for the environment: they absorb CO2, emit oxygen, promote biodiversity and much more.

Specifically, TREEDOM supports the planting of trees in Asia, Africa, South America and Italy, contributing to the achievement of 10 objectives to guarantee a sustainable future. BIOFARM supports small Italian farms by helping farmers, inviting citizens to adopt one and more fruit trees. With INTERPLAY festival, Mosaico Danza has purchased and adopted 25 trees, by joining both TREEDOM and BIORFARM platforms, we have contributed overall to reducing 8 tons of CO2.

We are very keen to make audience, citizens and artists aware of the possibility of MAKING A DIFFERENCE, also joining the projects of the two platforms.
Thanks to these collaborations, it will be possible to encourage and support environmental projects at local, national and international level, also aimed at supporting biodiversity and respecting work ethics.

Each initiative will be shared and promoted by the Festival through the hashtag #INTERPLAYGREEN.


26 years of activity, which have seen Mosaico Danza as the organizer of events and projects that have contributed and brought attention to the language of the contemporary, to young choreographers and to the need to create spaces dedicated to creation (from CONTRAPPUNTI /spettacoli in luoghi d’arte – 1994-2003; to INSIDE/OFF – 2007/2017, residences and networked projects in support of young choreographers). There have been many initiatives declined in different ways aimed at “PUBLIC TRAINING”, such as the involvement of the militant critics of the ALTRA VELOCITÀ collective in the 2000s, through workshops for active critical spectators, and subsequently through the project carried out in partnership with the magazine of live show Krapp’s Last Post, dedicated to young secondary school teenagers and university students: Youngest Critics for Dance / YC4D, created in partnership with Dams / UniTo. Looking for new ways and different connections with the subjects of the territory, aimed at involving a new audience, the association inaugurates the pilot project of “CHOREOGRAPHIC INCLUSION” for the metropolitan stages “SPREAD INTERPLAY“. The new section of the festival takes dance out of theaters, in the desire to experiment with a new project for a new audience. In this line, the programming of well-known international and national companies, always and only for the urban dance section, which will flank performances with professional and non-professional dancers, directed by well-known choreographers, in a CHOREOGRAPHICAL INCLUSION project. Short performace, site specific dance mini pills, exportable to unusual urban contexts. On stage the dancers of the NOD-Nuova Officina per la Danza, a reference point in Europe for the diffusion of the great choreography and contemporary repertoire, and the amateur dancers who follow the Laboratory of Research and CompositionIl Corpo Intuitivo” (“The Intuitive Body”), conducted by Daniele Ninarello, and the pupils of Federica Pozzo. 10 ‘ minipills signed by Daniele Ninarello, Sita Ostheimer, Lucia Moretti, Federica Pozzo in the METROPOLITAN STAGES of Interplay Diffuso.


A presentation of Interplay projects that develop pre, in and post Festival, in collaboration with local, national and foreign bodies through audience development and networking strategies. Interplay creates moments of international exchange and training aimed at the public, new generations, young artists, enhancing the territorial realities and supporting the new Italian dance abroad.


CROSSING THE SEA” 2018/2019 + 2020/2021

Winning project for the 2nd year of the Mibac Boarding Pass Plus call (7 national subjects and 13 international from this year). The project aims to create and consolidate long-term collaborations between Italy, Asian countries and the Middle East, to encourage the internationalization of the live show. It provides unique networking opportunities, sharing of good practices, promotes international co-productions and bilateral exchanges, allows direct knowledge of the public of different geographical areas by the artists and young operators selected via call, encouraging participation in Asian platforms and international meetings, while developing new shared projects and efficient flow of information between professionals in the sector.

Interplay guest choreographers > Amelia CHONG from Singapore

Sharing&Moving / Internazional Residencies 2020

International residence project, curated by Interplay Festival / Mosaico Danza’s collaboration with Torinodanza / Teatro Stabile of Turin and the El Graner Choreographic Center of Barcelllona (ES). Thanks to them residences are organized in each other’s countries, aimed at promoting abroad young national companies.

For the year 2020 the choreographers selected are: Marco Chenevier (IT) for his residence in Spain (autumn 2020 at El Graner in Barcelona).

Mosaico Danza and Torinodanza / TST will host Paloma Muñoz in residence at Lavanderia a Vapore in Collegno (To), in September 2020.


2019/2021> The trilateral initiative in support of the internationalization of Italian and local choreographers continues with partners from France and Germany. The Fabrik Potsdam and Bureau du Théâtre et de la danse à Berlin (DE), Maison CDCN and Théâtre de Nîmes (FR), together with Mosaico Danza, which is the Italian coordinator, and the Lavanderia a Vapore / PDV. The project supports the production of new creations through an exchange of residences and production support of international scope. Each partner provides hospitality, rehearsal rooms / theaters, co-productive support where necessary, offering added value in the international choreographic residence and creative stimulations to artists.

The artists selected for 2019> Silvia Gribaudi (IT) with the Lebanese choreographer Bassam Abu Diab, Emmanuel Eggermont / L’Anthracite (FR), Anna Nowica (DE).

The artists selected for 2020> Enrico Ticconi and Ginevra Panzetti (IT), Sylvain Huic (FR), German artist currently being defined.

Audience development PROJECT

INTERPLAY DIFFUSO / SPREAD INTERPLAY – Pills of Dance for a choreographic inclusion project, at the PARCO DORA Shopping Center, NOIRE contemporary art gallery, GAM / Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Turin, POLITECNICO of Turin and for Interplay’s Blitz Metropolitani in Piazza VITTORIO VENETO, involving professional and amateur dancers, led by professional choreographers.


Interplay meets Palcoscenico Danza / TPEMarch 28, 2020, Teatro Astra, Turin
Lucia Moretti (IT) with BTW (separation)


Interplay meets Mirabilia Festival / Cuneo September 2020
Synergic sharing for the urban dance section


Mosaico Danza, after the closure of the significant INTERNATIONAL DANCE ROADS NETWORK, an important European network where Interplay festival was the only Italian subject until 2019, worked by supporting the most innovative choreographers of the contemporary scene ensuring the opportunity to emerge on the international scene. Despite being the winner of the EUROPA CULTURA strand 1.2.1 cooperation project and its artistic value, in 2019 he was forced to dissolve, ending important initiatives that supported young companies with international tours (also in Canada), due to organizational and logistical difficulties that arose because of Brexit.

The other international network is CQD Ciudades Que Danzan / Festival of Dance in Urban Landscapes and ACIELOABIERTO Network, aimed at supporting dance in urban contexts. CQD  involves in particular subjects from Latin America and Spain. The goal is to enhance the artistic and cultural heritage of cities and promote urban dance. The editorial staff of the network publishes an annual magazine, where all the events of the participating partners are reported. Thanks to the network, several independent initiatives were born.

At a national level, together with the Circuito Teatrale del Piemonte, Mosaico Danza is part of the ANTICORPI XL network as a representative partner of the Region or, such as for the country’s international networks, for projects aimed at supporting young choreographers, making our expertise available, sharing the actions promoted by the networks and working on our territory. ANTICORPI XL is the first independent Italian network dedicated to young author dance born with different objectives: to analyze the creations of young training groups operating in the respective reference regions; facilitate mobility thanks to sharing and exchange by partners; keep up to date the opportunities and methods of dissemination and observation of the young author dance. Points that materialize according to a cooperation regulated by a Memorandum of Understanding. The main activity to which all partners adhere is the SHOWCASE of the young author dance which offers visibility to emerging companies selected through an annual call.

The COLLABORACTION action is significant, aimed at providing financial support for a new creation of an important choreographer from the national territory, guaranteeing productive support and circulating the show within the partner events. During the 4 editions they won: Giulio d’Anna, Daniele Ninarello, Daniele Albanese, Silvia Gribaudi with the new production “Graces” (2019), which received important national and international awards, giving once more merit to independent networks’ actions, which support deserving artists of the national territory. Mosaico Danza also participates in PROVE D’AUTORE and DANZA URBANA XL action, contributing to the support of young choreographers.