The last appointments of INTERPLAY DIFFUSO 20/20 move to the web – as had already happened with the innovative format of the first part of this edition of the festival last May. The inevitable decision, in light of the latest Prime Ministerial Decree and the lockdown imposed on Region Piemonte, was taken by the festival directed by Natalia Casorati that had to reinvent itself once again. The evenings of November 18 and 19, scheduled at Cubo Teatro, and November 27, at Lavanderia a Vapore, will therefore take place on Mosaico Danza’s DIGITAL ROOM, a virtual stage where artists and spectators can meet for a dance and sharing experience.
Each evening will be introduced and hosted by a curator, it will open with an interview with the artist followed by the projection of a video extract of their show. Only at the end of the show will the lights be switched on, that is, the microphones will be opened and the spectators who will participate, previous subscription, in digital presence are all invited to participate in a final debate between the public, artists and curators.

On November 18, the virtual stage of Interplay Diffuso hosts Sara Sguotti, who will talk during the evening with the critic Simone Pacini ( Sara will present us a sort of video/documentary in which she tells how the lockdown has necessarily brought innovations and changes on a creative level. The work she presents at Interplay Diffuso introduces SPACE ODDITY and anticipates the new work SOME OTHER PLACE. Starting from the aesthetics of the place and reaching the intimate of the individual, the stage act links what is far away with what is near, invisible connections that live only in the imagination of the individual. In this mini-documentary, Sara Sguotti shows the realization of her research with SPACE ODDITY and a brief result of the first research phase of the new work SOME OTHER PLACE, where the focus of the relationship moves from the level of the individual to the level of the surrounding environment. At the end, the public is invited to freely intervene.

The next day, Thursday 19 November, Simone Pacini will again introduce the evening in dialogue with the Dewey Dell company before the presentation of an extract from DERIVA TRAVERSA, a show that tells the legacy of an ancient craft of shepherds in dance to explore the theme of loneliness proper to the life of those who undertake this job.
The echo of the voices to recall the cattle imitates the sound of the wind and orally transmit the tradition, generation after generation. The company moves between dance and research theater, based in Cesena, Berlin and Vilnius. In their works, the choreography has an edgy style and a primitive glossary, constantly inspired and fed by images from Art history and the animal kingdom. At the end, the public is invited to freely intervene.

The highly anticipated appointment with Chiara Bersani on November 27 is also confirmed in digital version, in Mosaico Danza’s Digital Room of. After the introduction with the dialogue with the dance expert Marta Montanini of the University of Turin, SEEKING UNICORNS is the story of a unicorn, a creature moved by the desire to affirm its presence in the world. Chiara Bersani continues her study on the body, guardian of a unique and unrepeatable story. A body that identifies itself as the perceptive entity of the other, as a magnet, influenced by the revolutionary manipulation of the distances among individuals. The unicorn is a mythological animal, although it does not have a defined shape in the myths: sometimes it has the shape of an ox and sometimes of a horse.


Shows streaming, videos, reviews, interviews and virtual meetings: INTERPLAY, the international festival of contemporary dance Turin, turns 20 this year and fights the Coronavirus emergency proposing a rich and articulated “PLAN B”. Half of the festival on the announced period, from the 20th to the 30th of May 2020, with a digital format and the other half postponed between September and November, finding hospitality inside autumn reviews and festivals.

The long work of research, planning, organization and logistics inserted in the most important circuits
international organizations cannot be postponed: too many commitments from departments and experts, dense the calendar of the other festivals. Here is the reason why the team led by Natalia Casorati has chosen to bring to the web, via streaming with interviews between critics and choreographers, the program of the festival programmed in theaters, maintaining coherence with the original project developed over long months of work. So, in the dates 20,22,26,28 and 30 May, Interplay will be staged from the theaters where the shows would have taken place (using video’s archive of the festival), starting, for those wishing to better know the topics and the performances that will follow, with interviews by experts of the sector: Sergio Trombetta, Elisa Guzzo Vaccarino, Alessandro Pontremoli, Claudia Allasia and Chiara Castellazzi, who will talk with the choreographers. And to follow the shows. At the same time, it was decided to postpone the performances that should have taken place in site specific or urban places, finding hospitality in other events. The emergency
makes you closer, if not physically, at least “projectually”, turning what it could have been a critic into advantage.

The theme of Interplay 2020 is the challenge: chosen before the Covid-19 pandemic, this theme is even more urgent and actual. The challenge, the competition seen as a race for supremacy is exposing weaknesses and frailties of the individual before nature, too abused and a system that leaves many on the edge of society, which hardly welcomes and recognizes “others” as part of itself. The challenge towards the world and the systems that make competition a modus vivendi, the challenge through dramatic and spectacular anger of “Sopra di me il diluvio” by ENZO COSIMI, a work inspired by the painful relationship of man with nature in contemporary society, but also the provocation in the ironic supremacy for an impossible beauty in “Graces“, by SILVIA GRIBAUDI. Or the disruptive one of the young protagonists of “To da Bone“, with a cast of eleven dancers from all over Europe, selected from the choreographers of the company (LA) HORDE – at the head of the Ballet National de Marseille since September 2019 with their powerful and revolutionary artistic manifesto – among those who live and experiment on the edge of the scene, to tell us about their fight to emerge and establish themself in the anonymous suburbs of big cities. Competition in the hypnotic dance by the Nordic ARNO SCHUITEMAKER, or for the economic supremacy by the Lithuanian-Belgian VILMA PITRINAITE. Again, the competition in the performance of the Vietnamese TU HOANG, where the dynamics of the relationship trigger in the two characters a race for victory with the consequent birth of new barriers that divide and do not unite. Unveiling and thus challenging our socioeconomic system is cheekily judged in the ironic work of CARLO MASSARI from C&C. Take on the challenge of the great classics TARDITO / RENDINA company that staged their cult show: “Gonzago’s Rose” (1999), a “classic” love story colored with delicate irony, which celebrates 20 years of replicas.


AN ECO-SUSTAINABLE FESTIVAL> good green practices

Mosaico Danza Association has tried to understand how to make the environmental emergency its own, a more current theme that requires an investment both from citizens and, above all, from Public Administrations, Companies and Associations.Turning away from the idea that artists have to change their poetics, creating shows on climate change to be included in our program in order to sensitize our audience to environmental issues, we have chosen to act directly.

We decided to act on the front line in the fight against pollution by INVESTING in green projects and to do so the Festival team undertook a careful market research, compared different platforms that put the environment and the reduction of pollution at the center. And we made our #green choice.

Researchers and scientists have demonstrated that to save the Planet, every inhabitant of the Earth should plant a tree. We have decided to start here.

We met with the organizers of TREEDOM and BIOFARM, who support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations Development Program to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all, as part of a new agenda for sustainable development. TREEDOM and BIOFARM have among their aims those of reabsorbing CO2, increasing green areas and encouraging the work of small farmers in Italy and worldwide. All trees are good for the environment: they absorb CO2, emit oxygen, promote biodiversity and much more.

Specifically, TREEDOM supports the planting of trees in Asia, Africa, South America and Italy, contributing to the achievement of 10 objectives to guarantee a sustainable future. BIOFARM supports small Italian farms by helping farmers, inviting citizens to adopt one and more fruit trees. With INTERPLAY festival, Mosaico Danza has purchased and adopted 25 trees, by joining both TREEDOM and BIORFARM platforms, we have contributed overall to reducing 8 tons of CO2.

We are very keen to make audience, citizens and artists aware of the possibility of MAKING A DIFFERENCE, also joining the projects of the two platforms.
Thanks to these collaborations, it will be possible to encourage and support environmental projects at local, national and international level, also aimed at supporting biodiversity and respecting work ethics.

Each initiative will be shared and promoted by the Festival through the hashtag #INTERPLAYGREEN.


26 years of activity, which have seen Mosaico Danza as the organizer of events and projects that have contributed and brought attention to the language of the contemporary, to young choreographers and to the need to create spaces dedicated to creation (from CONTRAPPUNTI /spettacoli in luoghi d’arte – 1994-2003; to INSIDE/OFF – 2007/2017, residences and networked projects in support of young choreographers). There have been many initiatives declined in different ways aimed at “PUBLIC TRAINING”, such as the involvement of the militant critics of the ALTRA VELOCITÀ collective in the 2000s, through workshops for active critical spectators, and subsequently through the project carried out in partnership with the magazine of live show Krapp’s Last Post, dedicated to young secondary school teenagers and university students: Youngest Critics for Dance / YC4D, created in partnership with Dams / UniTo. Looking for new ways and different connections with the subjects of the territory, aimed at involving a new audience, the association inaugurates the pilot project of “CHOREOGRAPHIC INCLUSION” for the metropolitan stages “SPREAD INTERPLAY“. The new section of the festival takes dance out of theaters, in the desire to experiment with a new project for a new audience. In this line, the programming of well-known international and national companies, always and only for the urban dance section, which will flank performances with professional and non-professional dancers, directed by well-known choreographers, in a CHOREOGRAPHICAL INCLUSION project. Short performace, site specific dance mini pills, exportable to unusual urban contexts. On stage the dancers of the NOD-Nuova Officina per la Danza, a reference point in Europe for the diffusion of the great choreography and contemporary repertoire, and the amateur dancers who follow the Laboratory of Research and CompositionIl Corpo Intuitivo” (“The Intuitive Body”), conducted by Daniele Ninarello, and the pupils of Federica Pozzo. 10 ‘ minipills signed by Daniele Ninarello, Sita Ostheimer, Lucia Moretti, Federica Pozzo in the METROPOLITAN STAGES of Interplay Diffuso.


A presentation of Interplay projects that develop pre, in and post Festival, in collaboration with local, national and foreign bodies through audience development and networking strategies. Interplay creates moments of international exchange and training aimed at the public, new generations, young artists, enhancing the territorial realities and supporting the new Italian dance abroad.


CROSSING THE SEA” 2018/2019 + 2020/2021

Winning project for the 2nd year of the Mibac Boarding Pass Plus call (7 national subjects and 13 international from this year). The project aims to create and consolidate long-term collaborations between Italy, Asian countries and the Middle East, to encourage the internationalization of the live show. It provides unique networking opportunities, sharing of good practices, promotes international co-productions and bilateral exchanges, allows direct knowledge of the public of different geographical areas by the artists and young operators selected via call, encouraging participation in Asian platforms and international meetings, while developing new shared projects and efficient flow of information between professionals in the sector.

Interplay guest choreographers > Amelia CHONG from Singapore

Sharing&Moving / Internazional Residencies 2020

International residence project, curated by Interplay Festival / Mosaico Danza’s collaboration with Torinodanza / Teatro Stabile of Turin and the El Graner Choreographic Center of Barcelllona (ES). Thanks to them residences are organized in each other’s countries, aimed at promoting abroad young national companies.

For the year 2020 the choreographers selected are: Marco Chenevier (IT) for his residence in Spain (autumn 2020 at El Graner in Barcelona).

Mosaico Danza and Torinodanza / TST will host Paloma Muñoz in residence at Lavanderia a Vapore in Collegno (To), in September 2020.


2019/2021> The trilateral initiative in support of the internationalization of Italian and local choreographers continues with partners from France and Germany. The Fabrik Potsdam and Bureau du Théâtre et de la danse à Berlin (DE), Maison CDCN and Théâtre de Nîmes (FR), together with Mosaico Danza, which is the Italian coordinator, and the Lavanderia a Vapore / PDV. The project supports the production of new creations through an exchange of residences and production support of international scope. Each partner provides hospitality, rehearsal rooms / theaters, co-productive support where necessary, offering added value in the international choreographic residence and creative stimulations to artists.

The artists selected for 2019> Silvia Gribaudi (IT) with the Lebanese choreographer Bassam Abu Diab, Emmanuel Eggermont / L’Anthracite (FR), Anna Nowica (DE).

The artists selected for 2020> Enrico Ticconi and Ginevra Panzetti (IT), Sylvain Huic (FR), German artist currently being defined.

Audience development PROJECT

INTERPLAY DIFFUSO / SPREAD INTERPLAY – Pills of Dance for a choreographic inclusion project, at the PARCO DORA Shopping Center, NOIRE contemporary art gallery, GAM / Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Turin, POLITECNICO of Turin and for Interplay’s Blitz Metropolitani in Piazza VITTORIO VENETO, involving professional and amateur dancers, led by professional choreographers.


Interplay meets Palcoscenico Danza / TPEMarch 28, 2020, Teatro Astra, Turin
Lucia Moretti (IT) with BTW (separation)


Interplay meets Mirabilia Festival / Cuneo September 2020
Synergic sharing for the urban dance section


Mosaico Danza, after the closure of the significant INTERNATIONAL DANCE ROADS NETWORK, an important European network where Interplay festival was the only Italian subject until 2019, worked by supporting the most innovative choreographers of the contemporary scene ensuring the opportunity to emerge on the international scene. Despite being the winner of the EUROPA CULTURA strand 1.2.1 cooperation project and its artistic value, in 2019 he was forced to dissolve, ending important initiatives that supported young companies with international tours (also in Canada), due to organizational and logistical difficulties that arose because of Brexit.

The other international network is CQD Ciudades Que Danzan / Festival of Dance in Urban Landscapes and ACIELOABIERTO Network, aimed at supporting dance in urban contexts. CQD  involves in particular subjects from Latin America and Spain. The goal is to enhance the artistic and cultural heritage of cities and promote urban dance. The editorial staff of the network publishes an annual magazine, where all the events of the participating partners are reported. Thanks to the network, several independent initiatives were born.

At a national level, together with the Circuito Teatrale del Piemonte, Mosaico Danza is part of the ANTICORPI XL network as a representative partner of the Region or, such as for the country’s international networks, for projects aimed at supporting young choreographers, making our expertise available, sharing the actions promoted by the networks and working on our territory. ANTICORPI XL is the first independent Italian network dedicated to young author dance born with different objectives: to analyze the creations of young training groups operating in the respective reference regions; facilitate mobility thanks to sharing and exchange by partners; keep up to date the opportunities and methods of dissemination and observation of the young author dance. Points that materialize according to a cooperation regulated by a Memorandum of Understanding. The main activity to which all partners adhere is the SHOWCASE of the young author dance which offers visibility to emerging companies selected through an annual call.

The COLLABORACTION action is significant, aimed at providing financial support for a new creation of an important choreographer from the national territory, guaranteeing productive support and circulating the show within the partner events. During the 4 editions they won: Giulio d’Anna, Daniele Ninarello, Daniele Albanese, Silvia Gribaudi with the new production “Graces” (2019), which received important national and international awards, giving once more merit to independent networks’ actions, which support deserving artists of the national territory. Mosaico Danza also participates in PROVE D’AUTORE and DANZA URBANA XL action, contributing to the support of young choreographers.