26 May 2020 21.00 live on > youtube

Teatro Astra Via Rosolino Pilo, 6 Torino

TRIAL. In this duet, complexity and synchronicity seem inseparable when two men move harmoniously together. Quick impulses and detailed hand movements swiftly follow each other in this crystalclear presentation. Homogeneously they find tranquillity in their conformity between each other. However, small gestures and tensed actions hint at an underlying friction. Boundaries slowly start to appear and gradually grow stronger. In fear of staying behind a battle arises in which the men start to compete with one another. Pushing, challenging and ultimately racing till they lose each other and evolve into two separate identities.

TU HOANG (1988) is an independent choreoreahper from Hanoi, Vietnam. He is currently working as a dancer in Conny Janssen Danst Company (Rotterdam NL).  Begin with Kungfu at the age of 10 he found is interest in movement and join the Vietnam National Dance Academy shortly after and graduate in 2006 Classical Ballet. In 2007 he started his journey to Europe and to learn more about contemporary dance.Since 2010 he found is interest in making choreography and slowly try to find his own identity in Dance.His goal is to try to combine his Oriental background such as Kungfu,Taichi, detailed hand movements together with his Western’s dance knowledge throughout years of Experience like Urban Hiphop ,Ballet,Contemporary.

In 2018 his work, Trial, was awarded “3rd Prize”,”Audience Choice award”and “B.OOM festival production prize” at the Copenhagen International Choreography Competition. And “1st Prize Winner” at New Dance For Asia in Seoul- 3rd solo Duet challenge for Masdanza, “Audience first choice award” in Tanzplattform Bern 2019 And “Special Mention from the Jury Award” and “Masdanza Extended tour” in 24th Masdanza edition . Tu danced in the ballet companies over ten years. Such as Vietnam National Opera and ballet, Cinevox Junior Company, Regensburg Ballett, BallettPforzheim Byaccident Dance, Ballett Stadttheater Pforzheim,Conny Janssen Danst as well as choreograph for them.

By Tu Hoang
With Tu Hoang, Tuan Tran

Third classified “Audience Choice”
“B.OOM festival production” award at International Choreographyc Contest in Copenhagen
First Prize at New Dance for Asia in Seul
Third classified at Masdanza Solo/Duo contest
“Audience first choice” award at Tanzplattform 2019 in Bern
“Special Mention from the Jury” at Masdanza Extended tour (24th edition)


durata 12’