18 November 2020 -

Off Topic interview curated by Simone Pacini via Pallavicino, 35 Torino

SPACE ODDITY is pure movement, is inspired by the influences of the surrounding world, lives from the relationship with space, time and the people who decide to expose themselves. A performance that was born for the public. Starting from the aesthetics of the place and getting to the intimate of the individual, it connects what is far away with what is close, invisible connections that live only on the imagination of the individual. Space Oddity changes with the place where it is located and with the people who live there, limited by “the five minutes of glory of solitude“, as the young choreographer Sara Sguotti likes to call them. An hourglass accompanies the performance, determining the creation and fading of relationships.

Sara Sguotti, dance artist, began her artistic career by attending Accademia di Belle Arti in Frosinone continuing her studies at the Academy of Florence. From 2012 she began to collaborate with the Virgilio Sieni Company as a dancer in the works Sonate Bach, Spring Exercises, Dolce Vita, La Mer, La Sagra della Primavera, Il prigioniero and 4 sacred pieces, Le Bagnanti, the new production Metamorphosis and in the various projects of the Accademia del Gesto and Venice Biennale Dance. In 2015 he worked with the Anton Lachky Company for Side Effects. In 2016 he began his career as an assistant to the movement for contemporary circus shows of the director Roberto Magro, with whom she created shows for the circus schools Esac, Codars, Flic. At the same time, she took part in the remake of the film Suspiria directed by Luca Guadagnino, signing the choreography in collaboration with Damien Jalet. In 2017 she collaborates with Cristina Rizzo for the production of VN Serenade. In 2018 she took part in the creation of Joye de Vivre by Simona Bertozzi. Her personal career begins with S. Rituale (duet version) S.SOLO (solo version), for which she wins the Corto in Danza award, a residence and production award at Cie Twain, the DNA call choreographic and debuts at RomaEuropa Festival in 2018. In 2016 she started the SA.NI. project together with Nicola Simone Cisternino. and with Tuttuno they are among the winners of the call Italia dei Visionari 2017 , the call Cura 2017 and selected for Vetrina Anticorpi XL 2017.

In 2019 she starts a research on the topic of “relationship with the public” with a solo called Space Oddity and collaborates with Jari Boldrini for the new creation of Nicola Simone Cisternino, Sobotta.

By Sara Sguotti
Music advice Spartaco Cortesi
Technical preparation Mattia Bagnoli
Outside eye Elena Giannotti, Sa.Ni. Nicola Cisternino
With the support of Atelier delle Arti, Cie Twain
In co-production with Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Vicenza Festival Danza In Rete – Network Anticorpi XL

Show selected at Vetrina Anticorpi XL 2019


durata 25’