Meeting on festival role for professional

24 May 2019 10:30 > 16:30

Polo del ‘900 via del Carmine, 14 Torino

“Let’s support innovative festivals, free from political, aesthetic and economic pressure”
Frie Leysen

The words of Frie Leysen – one of the most well respected artistic director-already director for Kunstenfestivaldesarts festival till 2006 in Bruxelles, introduce the topic of our meeting day in a provocative manner: the importance of festival role on contemporary dance scenario. The meeting by Fabio Acca and Natalia Casorati, is included in Interplay contemporary dance festival 2019 and will take place on May 24th at 10:30 a.m at Polo del ‘900. In a continuous line all the way to meeting on Festival contemporanea in Prato, this day would like to focus on artistic projects, contemporary dance and its languages in all its shades.

How could we support innovation in dance, in a system that nowadays seems to be interested in sold out policy only? How could we preserve the festival’s cultural role in a precarious balance with the thrusts that fuel widespread entertainment?What is the limit between the consistency with the system and the curatorial independence? And then, how could we interpret the delicate partnership between project, country, audience and Institutions?



h 10.00 > registration
h 10.30 > 13.00 meeting
h 13.00 > 14.00 lunch break
h 14.00 > 16.00 meeting
h 16.30 > conclusions

By Fabio Acca and Natalia Casorati
Coordinated by Mosaico Danza | Festival Interplay
Conclusions by Paolo Ruffini, critic and professor of contemporary languages

Meeting with artistic director from different Italian regions.
This first event has chosen to give preference to non-regional guests, inviting the artistic directors of the City of Turin to the comparison anyway.


10.00 Host registration & welcome coffee

10:30.Greetings e introduction by Natalia Casorati + speech by Fabio Acca

10:45 Lanfranco Cis, artistic director of festival ORIENTE OCCIDENTE, Rovereto – Trento (TN)
11:00 Velia Papa, artistic director of INTEATRO, Polverigi (AN)
11:15 Emanuele Masi, artistic director of festival BOLZANO DANZA-Tanz Bozen, Bolzano (BZ)
11:30 Maurizia Settembri, artistic director of Fondazione FABBRICA EUROPA per le arti contemporanee, Firenze (FI)
11:45 Massimo Carosi, artistic director of festival DANZAURBANA, Bologna (BO)
12.00 Angela Fumarola, artistic director of festival INEQUILIBRIO, Castiglioncello (LI)
12:15 Francesca Manica, artistic director of DANCING DAYS per ROMAEUROPA festival, Roma (RM)

12.30 Debate coordinated by Fabio Acca

13.00 > 14.00 lunch break

14:00 Edoardo Donatini,artistic director of  CONTEMPORANEA  festival, Prato (PO)
14:15 Selina Bassini, co-artistic director of  AMMUTINAMENTI festival, Ravenna (RA)
14:30 Attilio Nicoli Cristiani, co-artistic director of  DANAE  festival, Milano (MI)
14:45 Daniele Del Pozzo, artistic director of  GENDER BENDER  festival, Bologna (BO)
15:00 Rosa Scapin, artistic director of  BMOTION-OPERAESTATE  festival, Bassano del Grappa (VI)
15:15 Antonella Cirigliano, artistic director of CROSS festival, Verbania (VB)
15:30 Giuseppe Muscarello, artistic director of  CONFORMAZIONI  festival, Palermo (PA)

15.45 Debate with the directors, coordinated by Fabio Acca
16.15 conclusion by Paolo Ruffini
16.30 Transfer to GAM



Anna Cremonini artistic director of TORINODANZA FESTIVAL
Gerarda Ventura artistic director of ANGHIARI DANCE HUB
artistic directors Isabella Lagattolla and Sergio Ariotti of FESTIVAL DELLE COLLINE
The artistic director of Mauro Danesi del FESTIVAL ORLANDO
Alessandra Valsecchi, Carlotta Pedrazzoli, Mara Loro, Valentina Tibaldi for FONDAZIONE PIEMONTE DAL VIVO

Meeting on festival role for professional
24 May 2019